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I’m busy working on ‘Film Freak’, the sequel-of-sorts to ‘Paperboy’. It’s about working in films and advertising in the arse-end of the 1970s, and I’m trying to watch old films from the period immediately before the setting.

One of the movies I vaguely remember seeing was ‘Every Home Should Have One’, a satire in which Marty Feldman is required to make porridge sexy. Like certain other films of the period (including Peter Nichols’ ‘The National Health’) even the VHS versions have been deleted and can’t be found on DVD. But looking on YouTube I stumbled across the title sequence from the wonderful Richard Williams, who did the Pink Panther titles as well as the beautiful political cartoons in ‘The Charge Of The Light Brigade’.

It makes me realise that the so-called ‘defining’ films of the sixties are often less useful in terms of capturing a period’s spirit than the less well-thought-of films. See what you think.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    I love films with stuff around the credits – even if I want to read the credits themselves. This one is fun. There was a Danny Kay movie with Basil Rathbone playing the villain that did an animation during the opening credits. Misplaced modifier but it was Rathbone’s name that invaded the credit list over and over and had to be chased out. Kay was playing a jester. Typecasting?

  2. Vickie says:

    Hey, was that a Hirschfeld character playing the piano at the 1:04 point?

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