Mars Attacks In October

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There’s now an official War Of The Worlds game website up on Beta here, with some interesting footage of war-blasted London. Fellow writers had warned me about taking a commission on a video game, but this was a total hoot to write, with terrifically helpful clients who explained the problems clearly, leaving me to have the most fun I’ve had in ages. I hope I get to do another one with the same team in the future. The game is a kind of retro 2D side-scroller with realistic character action, but is as much about storytelling, music and atmosphere as gameplay.

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    2d platformer? Crickey, yes!

    I’ve been off console games for ageas. Can’t get into endless first person shooters. Not upgraded since the PS2 and won’t play on the PC, as that’s where I work. So I’ve not played anything for yonks and today is gloomy, and rainy. I could play this, and right now. It looks like something from a super-Amiga. Tasty, very.

  2. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve seen the game played on the internet recently taken at some game convention and I must say ,it Looks great,I can see me spending many happy hours on the console with this one.At least Mrs STALKY will know where to find me.

    On an entirely different matter,words can not express the sheer joy.

    All Best

  3. Steve Beat says:

    Hmmm, 2D side-scolling platformer? I guess with the advent of tablet computers and consoles making up so much of the market that it could work. I personally would have liked to have felt more closely immersed in the world of War of the Worlds (in the fashion of Bioshock or Fallout 3). But it’s a bit early to get biased on the basis of the whole 2D versus 3D format.

    Storyline is important, one of my favourite games was Bungie’s Marathon on the old Apple Performa 630 and that was a 2D (faux 3D) Doom style FPS. It was the story that made that a winner – so I will look forward to War of the Worlds.

    If it is a hit it would be great to see a series of games based on Well’s stories- I would like to see a platformer based on ‘The First Men on the Moon’. It would be interesting to see a fleshed out alien civilization inside the moon which we could play with.

  4. madmary says:

    This sounds very good. Unfortunately if it’s FPS then I won’t be able to play as I get motion sickness after a very short time.


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