Compo Time: Join Me For The Launch

Bryant and May

At least, five of you can. I’ve struck a deal with Transworld, who are going to allow me to invite five guests to my launch party for ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’ on October 4th. All you have to do is drop a comment on this site answering a simple question. The first five correct answers get invited.

Okay, here’s the question.

What’s Arthur Bryant’s middle name?

(You might hazard a guess as to why I thought of it, as well!)

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  1. madmary says:



  2. Russ VArley says:

    St. John (pronounced in full, not Sinjon)


  3. Russ Varley says:

    As to why, he’s named after the place where he was born, so may be to do with his mother, or perhaps his brother?


  4. Tracy Lee says:

    I don’t recall him ever having a middle name (but I could be wrong) but I do remember you saying once that he was based on a friend of yours, Jim Sturgeon, so I think a good middle name for him would be JAMES.

  5. I.A.M. says:

    They’re not flying people in as well, are they?

    …no, thought not.

  6. Cynthia White says:

    Illiterate American so not playing, just want to say how happy I am about this.

  7. Marc says:

    I’m not in town that day, so I won’t enter. I’ll just say that I misread the post title and thought it was an invite to the middle meal of the day with Christopher Fowler…

  8. Alan Morgan says:

    It would be fantastic, but again can’t play as can’t come. Close one as I’m in Brighton that weekend. Good luck and good cheer to those otherwise.

  9. admin says:

    Well done, Russ – you get put on the guest list. It is indeed St. John.

    And my thinking goes back to Tony Hancock, whose name in the show was Anthony St John Aloysius Hancock.

  10. Russ Varley says:

    That’s really odd, when I was thinking about the answer and saw madmary’s Cecil reply, I though for a moment it was Arthur Cecil St. John Aloysius Bryant and had to go and check in On the Loose. I think I was getting confused with Corporal Nobbs from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels who also has an improbably long name just like Hancock (Cpl Nobb’s full name is Cecil Wormsborough St. John “Nobby” Nobbs).

  11. Alex Kells says:

    My guess is Ulysses

  12. Alex Kells says:

    Oh, now I’ve seen the answer I do remember reading that, ah well!

  13. Rachel Green says:

    Oh, Marvellous!
    Well done Russ.

  14. adam says:

    read all the b&m books now. this will be the first time since i started that a new book has been published, can’t wait. just a quick question…….why does arthur bryant always seem to have john may’s valiant torch when it doesn’t belong to him?

  15. Stuart Pack says:

    Damn, not quick enough!!

    Looking forward to another dose of Bryant & May as well as Red Gloves later this year.

    My favourite Hancock episode was one called the scandal magazine where Sid James prints a gossip mag making salacious fictional allegations against celebrities based on the premise that the increased circulation after the stories more than covers the costs of the various court cases that result. Strange how some things don’t really change ….

  16. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, and I’m reading Pratchett’s Thud! so Nobby is all over the place. Didn’t remember him having a name like that, though.

  17. Jen says:

    Darn it when I last logged in there was only one right answer.. (had to go to a book shop as the 4 i own dont mention it )It’s St John but NOT pronounced sinjon..

  18. Jen says:

    erm technically only Russ Varley has “guessed” so does that let me in? please please xxx

  19. Russ Varley says:

    Hope so Jen, frankly a bit worried about being a bit of a yellow citrus fruit at the do!


  20. Alan Morgan says:

    Nicely done Mr Varley, raise a glass of warm Party Seven for us all!

    It does say the first five people still. I suppose if anyone chips in with a list they might get lucky?
    Bertie (because of Basset), Edward (for Crowley), only ever ‘G’ (we never learn what it actually stands for, as with Lestrade), St. John (because of Hancock, also… Russ), or William (for Gilbert & Sullivan, the second already being Arthur).

    I like these games.

  21. madmary says:

    Well done Russ! I hadn’t a clue. All my books are on audio so I can’t go to have a quick check. I put Cecil as the publishers appear to be in Cecil Street.

  22. Jamie says:


  23. JudeQ says:

    I know the answer but Im in Canada so I’ll settle for being happy for Russ!
    Well done Russ!

  24. Helen Martin says:

    My copy is ordered. Best I could do at this distance.

  25. Jen says:

    Russ hope to get in myself and see you there ?:)

  26. Jen says:

    Russ hope to get in myself and see you there ?:)

  27. Joellyn Mumcian says:

    Ah, I’m way too late unfortunately. I did remember though that Arthur’s middle name was St. John (not pronounced “Sinjin”) just because that distinction was made. Alas, I cannot put together why that would have been your choice. I hope you have a wonderful launch party. Now, what am I going to read until the book is released? Suggestions?

  28. Anne White says:

    I’m simply thrilled there are more Bryant and May books on the way! I was having quite a gloomy morning when I received a pre-order email form for B&M9. The world seems like a better place with the promise of some more satisfying reads. Thanks to Christopher and the publishing gods!

  29. Sachindra S. says:

    I remember that Arthur Bryant announced his middle name in THE SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS.

  30. Susanna Hurley says:

    I counted real guesses at 4, St John, I’m in Seattle but I can make it. : )
    P.S. I’ve just discovered the books and it’s a lovely way to be ‘at home’ when I feel the need for a bit of London town time.

  31. Jen says:

    Any news on a final list?it’s the 1st now..Susannas right – there have only been 4 real guesses..

  32. Sachindra S. says:

    Did Arthur Bryant’s first name come from the fact that the Sullivan in Gilbert & Sullivan’s real name was Arthur Sullivan?

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