Monthly Archives: September 2011

Friday’s Media Report

Breaking technology news: Sony are no longer to pay for the distribution of 3D glasses to US cinemas, which effectively puts a huge nail in the coffin of 3D for this particular cycle. Early reports on the 3D cinema’s great hope, Spielberg’s ‘Tintin’ is that it has ‘the dead, glassy horror of waxworks come to […]

Pearls & Rough Diamonds

Street traders, or Costermongers have been a feature of London life since the 11th century – and for the best part of 900 of those years they were unlicensed and itinerant – at times hounded by the authorities & bureaucracy. They cried their wares to attract customers with vigour and panache – much to the […]

The English Obsession

‘Let us compromise,’ sang the schoolgirls of The Pirates of Penzance, ‘our hearts are not of leather. Let us shut our eyes, and talk about the weather.’ And boy, the weather has never been more of a topic among the sun-obsessed English. We had a dazzling April, and now we’re having a bizarrely scorching September, […]

BC, AD & The BBC

The BBC has been accused of “bizarre” political correctness over a section on its religion website advising staff to use the terms ‘Common Era’ and ‘Before Common Era’ instead of Anno Domini – the Year Of Our Lord – and Before Christ. It states: “As the BBC is committed to impartiality, it is appropriate that […]

London Gets A New Street

Well, it’s more of a hill, but it’s called King’s Boulevard, and is the first of over twenty streets, bridges and town squares to be built behind King’s Cross station in the Regent’s Canal area. This is the place that existed only as a brownfield site in ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’. Eventually the […]

All Things Bryant & Peculiar

Don’t forget I’ll be at the British Fantasy Society Convention in Brighton this Friday and Saturday morning, where I’ll be attempting to make up for the destruction and vulgarity wrought on this once-beautiful seaside town by its corrupt, venal councillors, through the beauty of literature… Here’s how the West Pier has looked before and after […]

Always True To You In My Fashion

Well, London Fashion Week is over, so no more climbing through crowds of stick-people with asymmetrical haircuts standing smoking outside grand buildings tarted up with neon tubes. Here we see a model showing us what it would look like if people decided to start dressing like small spoiled dogs. The straw that broke my camel’s […]

The Teen Who Brought A Party To Its Feet

A teenager has surprised delegates at the Labour Party Conference, receiving a standing ovation after hitting out at the Government’s spending cuts. Rory Weal made an impassioned speech, tearing into welfare cuts and the abolition of the education maintenance allowance. Party leader Ed Miliband jumped to his feet when the 16-year-old had finished speaking to […]

Get Your Bryant & May book signed on Thursday!

Well, ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’ launches in a few days, and has just had great review in the Sunday Times, who says ‘Christopher Fowler manages to write detective novels that are warm homages and mild pastiches of the Golden Age while at the same time excellent stories in their own right. […]

Hooked On Really Horrible Music

I’ve posted about this orchestra a couple of times before, but here comes a new twist! Almost thirty yard ago, an orchestra appeared on the English music scene that really had something different. Many of its members were classically trained musicians, albeit all to different levels. And many of its members had never picked up […]