Nothing Looted From Bookshop

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London’s famous ‘Gay’s The Word’ bookshop in Bloomsbury was attacked during a night of riots in London.
The country’s only LGBT bookshop in Marchmont Street, was left with smashed windows, but presumably no swiped stock, as I can’t imagine many of these particular rioters read.

A group of kids on bikes kicked in the glass and returned to pelt the shop with eggs. Manager Jim MacSweeney said he believed the incident was opportunistic but motivated by homophobia, adding: ‘For us it’s probably lads seeing what’s happening on the TV and thinking they can get away with kicking our window in.
What has been really touching is the messages of support we have had not only from our customers but also from members of the community who agree this is not acceptable.’

UPDATE: I went down to see Jim McSweeney, and he is already repairing the damage and has had a massive rally of support from surrounding neighbours and friends.

3 comments on “Nothing Looted From Bookshop”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    I’m glad people rallied round because that assault is hate pure and simple. I hope other businesses are also getting support. It’s the small single venue businesses that suffer most. All those people who work in them off until they reopen, all that lost stock and no income for store owners. Even if they have damage insurance the amount they have to cover before insurance starts paying is often considerable.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Told a friend who was a patron of the shop when he was in London. He was upset but glad to know the neighbours were helping. It makes it so much more real to know the people/place of a news story.

  3. J. Folgard says:

    Since the riots began, it looks like there’s been a lot of armchair commenters idly quoting various poems, historical speeches (sometimes with wobbly accuracy), lyrics on their Twitter feed or whatever -dutifully dusting off their copy of The Clash’s London Calling while cozily watching the news… Yet this is exactly the kind of violent behaviour that should keep anyone from romanticizing the whole business. Glad to see the neighborhood’s rallying to help the shop!

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