Monthly Archives: August 2011

London Did You Know? No. 2 – Cabbies

The first trip after a cabbie passes his Knowledge test is free to the customer. I’ve never found one yet. Cabbies have to learn about public buildings as well as roads, and remember roads for their test knowledge with mnemonics. Cutting through Covent Garden is ‘Wet T-Shirts’ – Wellington, Tavistock, Southampton, Henrietta. Many cabbies have […]

The 1950s Weren’t All Horrible

I hate nicking shots from other sites but I noticed this on Matt’s excellent Londonist site, and it’s simply too good to pass up, so thank you Matt for the original posting. It’s a trip from Hammersmith to Kensington (we think) that’s had the shakes and colour smudges electronically removed from it to leave a […]

London Did You Know? No.1 – Westminster Abbey

When the comedian Ronnie Barker died, he had a memorial service at Westminster Abbey, and the choir entered behind the vergers carrying four candles (this joke may need explaining – check YouTube). By the way, not everyone buried in Poets’ Corner is a poet. Thomas Parr lived through the reigns of ten monarchs, from Edward […]

Red Gloves Now Has An Added Extra

I’ve just found out that my limited edition slipcased box set of 25 new short stories will come with an added extra – two full colour illustrated frontispieces. Looks like the publishers are just going to keep chucking good stuff in!

Hidden London

This bucolic scene is, believe it or not, about a two-minute walk from the manic bustle of Euston Road, thanks to the reconfiguration of streets currently going on there. To reach it, you need to note where the bridges cross the canals, and find staircases down to the waterside. The entire area is shortly to […]

Rewriting War Of The Worlds

I’ve been meaning to post this YouTube clip for weeks but keep forgetting (love those freeze-frames – thanks, YouTube!) Here’s a quick bit of me banging on about the writing of the upcoming ‘War Of The Worlds’ video game from Paramount, starring Sir Patrick Stewart.

More London Boozers

The Castle pub in Cowcross Street, Farringdon is the only pub in London to have its own pawnbrokers’ licence. A refreshingly down-to-earth Farringdon boozer, it was once frequented by King George IV, who was tempted in by a spot of cockfighting. Arriving without money, he promptly issued the pub with a pawnbroker’s licence and handed […]

Frightfest Screens Its Best Film

So, on the climactic night of Frightfest, we had Dick Mass’s fun Dutch epic ‘Saint’, about the sinister side of St Nick, with children getting sucked up chimneys and a marvellous central horse chase across the rooftops of snowy Amsterdam. Then it was on to the much-hyped ‘Kill List’… My key instruction for ‘Kill List’ […]

The Good, The Bad & The Inexcusable

Frightfest has become the largest and most successful event of its kind in Europe, and has scored more hits than misses this year. We’re now four days in and I’m burning out, although mercifully Chinatown is around the corner so we can hit the dim sum trail between ordeals. I’ve been avoiding the director Q&As […]

Curtain Call

During a break in the films of Frightfest, we nipped up to the Roundhouse in Camden Town to see Ron Arad’s amazing installation ‘Curtain Call’. Consisting of hundreds of plastic rods hanging from the ceiling and arranged in 360 degrees, projectors run seamlessly circular film onto them to create a total environment that you can […]