Back To Rehab For The Final Time

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It’s very sad that Amy Winehouse is dead, and I hope the family don’t blame themselves, as I’m sure they tried everything they could to get her back on track. It’s particularly sad because she was a one-off talent, not somebody famous’s daughter.

Usually we have to put up with Talent Trickledown, the system by which the famous family member is subsequently represented by lesser and lesser talented progeny. You start with Pablo Picasso and go down to Paloma Picasso (she has her own scent!), Earnest Hemingway and Mariel Hemingway, Conrad Hilton and (a long drop, this) Paris Hilton. ‘Punch’ columnist Alan Coren left us with restaurant critic Giles Coren and the seemingly ADD-afflicted hack Victoria Coren. Much-loved agony aunt Claire Raynor and (another restaurant critic) Jay Rayner.

Occasionally it goes in the opposite direction, with Lily Allen being more interesting than father Keith Allen. But Winehouse was an original and will hopefully be remembered for her music rather than the wasted opportunity she represented.

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  1. Alan says:

    And people are gathering and leaving bottles of Vodka and Malibu as tribute.


  2. Andy says:

    Sad, but not surprising. It’s just been a long, drawn-out suicide over the last 5 years or so. Now we get to listen to how she was virtually a saint for the next few weeks…

  3. Steve Beat says:

    I’m sorry but I do have to take the opposite view. Today we seem to prize the ideals of wealth, power, good looks and ‘celebrity’ (I still don’t understand what this is) over just being a *nice* person. Having a tallent does not mitigate a depply flawed and often times deeply offensive charater. I cannot see why we are poury any more than the appropriate amount of sympathy on Amy Winehouse. And for those that excuse her outbursts because she ‘has a hard life’ well *I* have had a hard life – a lot of people I know have had a hard life but being ‘ordinary’ folk we simply go unrecognized. I don’t take pleasure from Amy’s passing but neither have I gone into the deep mourning that the vast majority of Glitterati and thiet minions have. And as for the BBC’s comparison of Amy Winehouse to Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix….Please! (Sorry!)

  4. It is very sad.She should have been so happy with that amazing vital voice. we pensioners wonder if it is possible to change our inherent fundmental flaws, (and in the case of Paris Hilton, probably not!). We loved listening to “Back to Black”.

  5. your times are wrong. by the way, it is ten to ten p.m. in tis country anyway.

  6. Alan Morgan says:

    Bah, she was great. I sort of selfishly want my singers falling out of pubs and being reprobates when they’re young. Cope only knows if I can endure another clean-cut young pop act. I never knew her so she and her music are as alive to me now as they were the week before. She’ll never grow old, she’ll never get rubbish. If she was flawed, or horrid, or anything else that doesn’t really come across on her records – which is, like, the thing.

    Good on you, girl.

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