How To Put Children Off Ice Cream


Make them buy them from the shop I found in Turkey.

7 comments on “How To Put Children Off Ice Cream”

  1. Steve Beat says:

    Smirk! Is it me or is this abomination the result of a bad icecream trip! (There again – didn’t this guy appear in ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’ when Watson tripped out and was attacked by the confectionery!)

  2. Gretta says:

    o.0 What sort of mind thinks these thing up, and then thinks it’s a good idea to go through with it? Never mind the children, this grown-up is terrified!

  3. Steve Beat says:

    What kind of mind? I reckon it was the Child Catcher from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang! 😉

  4. Alan Morgan says:

    It’s often worth getting up early on a Sunday morning just to see what the clubs are turning out.

  5. J. Folgard says:


  6. Andy says:


  7. Joellyn Mumcian says:

    Did you even GO into the shop and TRY the ice cream (Dondurma,in Turkish)? It’s actually quite good…similar to gelato.

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