The Scandal Spreads…


As the News International scandal unfolds, let those of us with longer memories remember a few salient points about the News Of The World:

Over the years it virtually created chequebook journalism. It has consistently manufactured stories, falsified ‘sources’, paid informers, set up fake scandals, encouraged non-existent panics, hired bottom-feeding hacks and destroyed the lives of ordinary people through illegal means of entrapment.

On a personal level it wrecked the life of a good friend of mine by ‘baiting’ a false story, and hurt thousands of others like him. When my company worked with Michael Jackson a few years ago, the NoW tried to prove he was a pedophile by going through our dustbins for artwork from his films and harassing our employees at home by calling and pretending to be work colleagues.

Two days after David Cameron was elected, Murdoch went into No. 10 Downing Street via the back door, and says he doesn’t know why he did that. Rebekah Brooks (aka The Ginger Pig) is more than just a friend of David Cameron. She and her old Etonian second husband live very close to the Camerons in Oxfordshire, met for dinner at least once over Christmas, and frequently see each other at weekends along with Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth and Jeremy Clarkson. Her colleagues are buried deep in the social network of the Conservative party.

When the Telegraph exposed the expenses scandal everyone was horrified. This scandal is bigger, and is now lapping at the door of the government – and the Daily Mail, who it appears may have used the same practices.

Time for a game then (click to enlarge).

8 comments on “The Scandal Spreads…”

  1. Bill Chapman says:

    There is no alternative. David Cameron must go. He is simply too close to this seedy, sordid mess.

  2. Colin says:

    They are all as bad as each other, Brown was inviting them round all the time trying to gain favour. Lab, Cons and Libs all all self serving lowlife

  3. RICK D says:

    yes, a fine mess indeed. Love your Ginger Pig ref for Brooks, though I doubt anyone is too Smiley in the Murdoch camp these days. Ask not for whom the mobile tolls…

  4. Helen Martin says:

    The worst thing about these scandals is that no one in their right mind would want to enter politics, except as an independent and you have absolutely no voice there. What is an honest person to do? (throws hands in air in total disgust.)

  5. madmary says:

    I want to tweak this game if I may?

    You have had your voice mail hacked and have successfully negotiated a settlement for £250K.

    You have had payment for your legal bills frozen, you now owe NOTW solicitors £100K.

    And can we have a little ginger pig to go round the board? What other objects can we have?


  6. Mike Carrington says:

    Where do I start? Notw ruined my late friend Gerald Susters’ career and even lil’ ol’ me fell foul of cavalier reporting by a freelancer working for the Daily Mail (details on application!) It is my most fervent wish that that hideous rag goes the same way…

  7. Joyce says:

    I was once told, “All journalists are scum” which I thought a bit sweeping but now I wonder… all those glasshouses and people with stones in their hands…

  8. Cid says:

    Despite being a thoroughly amused ‘liberal’ watching this nightmare envelop the Murdoch mob, saying Cameron should go over this is laughable. Lest we forget, the last bloke took us into a war that was deemed illegal by a great many international observers, and it then turned out even the evidence for the war was bollocks. He got re-elected in 2005.

    Cameron, meanwhile, has done little different to every Prime Minister since Callaghan, in trying to curry favour with these clowns, by dubious means. I love watching the Conservative party taking flak, but him quitting over this would really be ridiculous.

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