Random London


Some random shots around town (click to enlarge). The first shows part of an immense shoal of fish passing through town in the Regent’s Canal, in what used to be water so filthy you could stand a stick upright in it.

Bertorelli’s restaurant has gone after a century of providing Italian food in Charlotte Street. This is all that remains.

London soon after 6am shows the contrails from aircraft that soon cloud up the skies over the city. They usually clear at 5pm. There’s a plan afoot to reduce circling time for airlines, but it relies on a new runway.

I admit it, this is the kind of shop I like to buy stuff in. It’s independent, about three feet across and run by a charming Eastern European who doesn’t sneer at a middle-aged man buying a T-shirt. Anyway, I’m TOAF.*

*Too old for Abercrombie & Fitch (thank God – could their clothes be any blander?)

Finally, the Rose Garden at Regent’s Park at dusk. We had walked out of a disappointingly flat production of ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ and sat in the gardens instead, surrounded by hundreds of muslim women who always gather there in the evenings. I always want to talk to them, but I think they would find it uncomfortable. I’m always amazed by this park, which is so close to the West End and yet feels like being in the country.

8 comments on “Random London”

  1. Martha says:

    That first photo brought tears to my eyes. I remember the standing stick days.

  2. Anne Fernie says:

    I’m upset that Bertorelli’s has gone – it was such an institution. I left London in 2002 for the ‘North’ and whenever I go back to the Wen it amazes me how clean and shiny it all looks. Went down the ‘Cally’ and could hardly believe it was the same grotty old thoroughfare of old…….

  3. Marc says:

    I walked along the canal at Paddington recently and remember commenting on the clarity of the water to my colleague. I sadi something along the lines of “The water’s so clear you can see the traffic cone at the bottom of the canal…”

  4. cindie says:

    Lovely pictures. I grew up in Southern California near a Marine air base so I love contrails. That sounds silly but it’s true. I take photos of them all the time.

    I also adore the pic of the canal. I may reference it in a future fiber art piece with attribution to you of course.

    And the roses… Wonderful to think that the Muslim women have such a place to pray.

  5. Elaine Stanlick says:

    Wish I were there…while it’s warm, anyway. aloha, e

  6. doggy says:

    Wonder canal shot! Where was it taken…?

    Cindie – i don’t think the Muslim women go to Regent’s Park to pray, more just to gossip and hang out.

  7. doggy says:

    Where was it taken from…? Is that your flat, or office up there?

  8. admin says:

    It was taken from my garden, looking down into the canal – which has entirely turned green with algae overnight.

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