Unchanged Parts Of London


Walking behind Southwark Cathedral and what’s left of Borough Market, I came upon Thrale Street, which appears to have missed the wrecker’s ball and would be a good place to film a period movie. The area around here is still a Roman Catholic enclave, so there are schools, churches and nurseries amongst the abandoned buildings and new flats. This shrine peeps out of the weeds of the Church of the Precious Blood, Southwark, under a railway bridge.

3 comments on “Unchanged Parts Of London”

  1. Alan Morgan says:

    That’s where you lay an offering that the Anchor isn’t too crowded out.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    They had better watch that tree, because it will certainly damage the shrine as its roots spread and the branches will cover the shrine entirely.

  3. Anne Fernie says:

    What fabulous little spots – I will definitely be ferreting around there on my next trip to town….

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