What Mustn’t You Forget To Do?


Sign in eager-to-please Italian cafe in Bloomsbury. Just like eating at your Mum’s.

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  1. helen Durant says:

    never blogged before but fascinated with history of underground etc and Crippen (?Christopher s irascible cat) let alone Bryant and May and St Pancras, Kings Cross myths, going with another pensioner ,Sandra, to London next Thurs 28th, to St. Pancras, and the London Eye with a Bryant and May “guide” book in my handbag so thanks Monsieur Fowler! I do wonder if you reply to ALL your emails? with regards from Helen and my cat Foxy Lady.

  2. admin says:

    Just the nice ones!

  3. helen durant says:

    Thank you! Took me ages to remember where I saw the lovely Italian Cafe blog, and I imagine I really did not expect a reply from such a busy man, always good to be surprised. Regents Park roses are lovely. Stay happy. and thank you for the enjoyment I am getting from the Bryant and May books which I discovered in my local Poole Library, not in Smith s or Waterstones by the way. with regards from Helen and Foxy Lady.

  4. hele durant says:

    2nd try, server error. is it improper to give us the name of this cafe for our Saturdy visit? no reply means no, I know.

  5. admin says:

    I can’t remember what it’s called!

  6. hele durant says:

    Oh Christopher! well, as I used to say to my patients, “We are over 21” !. I bet you can t remember what road it is in either, so we will have to do a little bit of detection ourselves, Thank you for replying. just reading Ten Second Staircase whee Crippen left his hiding post under May s desk only to drop off a surprise in the upturned crash helmet …!! .who will play him on the telly I wonder ? Have to say, being a bit of a Phillistine, I love Alfred Noyes “the Highwayman,” with the romantic red love knot hanging over the window . with regards from Helen and Foxy.have a wonderful weekend yourself.

  7. helen durant says:

    oh Christopher! I don’t expect you can remember the road either but never mind, as I used to say to my patients, “we ARE over 21”. Thank you for replying. i wrote this before but I think there was another server error or something, or maybe I used another blog. Enjoying Ten second staircase, Crippen leaving his post to place a surprise in an upturned crash helmet ….! and wondering who would play him on the telly. also I actually like Arthur Noyes “The Highwayman”,- the romantic red love knot hanging over the window, and especially , your informative and passionate insights into London are inspiring. Have a great weekend, regards, from Helen and Foxy

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