Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Foggy Day In London Town

To those of you who requested the ‘old’ (ie young) Bryant & May, coming your way in the ‘Red Gloves’ collection is a tale set during the Great Smog of 1952, when Bryant & May would still have been under a hundred, but I’ve now decided there there will be others. Meanwhile, here’s Piccadilly Circus […]

Detective Pop-Ups

A number of readers have suggested I should do stories on the earlier Bryant & May. Well, here’s a clue about the first. This colour photograph of London was taken in the great smog of 1952, and it’s where a Bryant & May short story is set. My two new volumes of short stories are […]

The Five Star Treatment

The Times suggests that authors are paying ‘reputation management’ agencies thousands to employ people to push up their book ratings into the bestseller lists with favourable reviews. There is a simpler way authors can do this. Write a better book. Also in the report, TripAdvisor is being accused of posting more fraudulent reviews. Again, agencies […]

Digital Dazzle

Well, I seem to have sparked off something here about the digital reading revolution, and some very good points are being made. But, as I pointed out in reply to Mike Cane, the current wave of eReaders are little more than a stop-gap on the way to full media digitisation. Here’s a glimpse of the […]

Missing The Digital Boat

Sorry, this is a bit longer than I intended, but do read on. Before we start, I’m the world’s biggest fan of bookshops, but this subject needs more airing. An interesting little article turns up in ‘Red Herrings’, the crime writers’ journal, about the innate snobbery in e-publishing. The author only publishes online, and argues […]