Monthly Archives: June 2011

Camden Goes To Hell

Not so long ago Camden was a pleasing hippyish outland of canals, bookshops and antiquarians. Now every square inch of it it sells drug paraphernalia and t-shirts to tourists who are easily parted from their cash. The tube and town are so overcrowded that the locals hide at weekends – which is just as well, […]

A Younger Bryant & May

I’ll be doing some more stories of Bryant & May’s earlier days soon, but meanwhile, here’s Alan Morgan’s charming portrait of their younger selves, which you can also find on his site here.

Off The Rails And Into The Bookshops!

‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ came out in paperback yesterday, and to celebrate I hid a dozen signed and dated editions around Central London today for you to discover. s far as I can tell, only one copy wasn’t found. But let’s have a competition as well: Come up with the name of a […]

Making A Song And Dance

Despite the horrible mess that is ‘Spiderman – Turn Off The Dark’, Broadway musicals are going through a bit of a boom at the moment by ditching their hackneyed old plots and taking on real-world issues that audiences can relate to. Sparked off by ‘Legally Blonde’, which was lyrically far cleverer than its film origin, […]

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

Oh, sorry sir, yes it is. Thanks to PS Publishing and the excellent Conrad Williams, here comes ‘Gutshot’, a hefty tome of 21 terrific stories of the sinister Wild West, including contributions from Michael Moorcock, Zander Shaw, Thomas Tessier, Joe R Lansdale my good self, which should hopefully be arriving this year…

Goodbye Peter

And another good one goes…Peter Falk died at 83 yesterday. I never really watched Columbo, but I remember him in a million movies as a great character actor, and often as a support character in films like ‘The Great Race’ and ‘It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’, a film about which I had a […]

The Horror Of A British Summer

The rain. The trenches. The infections. The endless misery of waiting between burst of deafening noise – oddly not Ypres in the first Word War but the horror that is Glastonbury. It’s not exactly ‘Hair’, is it? Festivals are a right of passage you undertake when you under 25 (if you’re older, you really shouldn’t […]

Separated At Birth

I was trying to think who recent shots of Prince reminded me of, and realised who he’s turned into – the young Shirley Bassey. Perhaps he should do the next Bond film.

Billy’s Speech Comes True

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ was described by the Guardian as ‘the world’s first attempt to fuse the aesthetic of Starship Troopers with the ambience of mid-period Enya’, but it was huge. The film had more than 125 licensed products incorporating toys, clothing, books and video games which earned over an additional 100 million squids. But that’s […]

All Downhill From Here

What angel awakes me from my flowery bed? Bugger, it’s the rain. That must mean Midsummer’s Eve is over and we start sliding backwards into winter. Tradition says that the longest day of the year is the start of the English summer, but I’m not so sure. Different countries regard the equinox in different ways. […]