London’s Coolest Film Club

The Arts

It’s weird, it’s free and it’s been going for five years, so how come you haven’t heard about it?

Because Alex and Evrim, the mental cases who run it, have kept the Duke Mitchell Film Club below the radar, but now the secret is out. I went along last night and had a blast. You think you know obscure films? No, you really don’t. Since its inception the Duke Mitchell Film Club has run Turkish grindhouse, Ozploitation, Eurotrash, an evening dedicated to Michael Gough, another to William Castle, heist movies, giallo movies, the transcendentally good and the unimaginably bad. And every event has a theme.

Last night we had trailers (Elizabeth Taylor deliriously fondling her brassiere in ‘The Driver’s Seat’!), short films and an 80s punk-Nazi SF musical called ‘Stranger In Paradise’ which is so staggeringly awful that I want the album. Attendees include film executives and those in the know. The Duke Mitchell Film Club can be found on Facebook and Twitter, or by following message threads, and you get a badge for attending.

But I’m going to blow their cover because something this obsessive needs to be shared. The nights start at 8:00pm once a month on a Wednesday in a stylish pub called the King’s Cross Social Club. The rest you can find for yourself, but visit here if you’re interested.

And who, exactly, is Duke Mitchell? Why, he made ‘Gone With The Pope’ and ‘Massacre Mafia Style’ obviously!