Why Do Women Make Such Good Hardline Right Wingers?


From Eva Peron to Imelda Marcos, from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann, what is it in the female psyche that encourages destructive hardline conservatism to surface? There’s more than a touch of Margaret Thatcher in Michele Bachmann, although Thatcher generally got her facts right; a talent that clearly eludes Bachmann, who just mistook John Wayne for John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer, and then refused to back down.

There’s a lack of empathy and a steeliness of purpose in Bachmann and Palin that runs roughshod over sensitivity and completely eludes the liberal male, and it’s something we’re currently without in British politics. David ‘Balloon Animal’ Cameron is the acceptably middle-of-the-road Tory, tepid and sensible, but where is the glaring-eyed harpy in ascendence in his party?

It has often been suggested that America is a matriarchy, but no such accusation is levelled at the patrician UK, which was caught on the hop when Thatcher (a ghastly but undeniably strong woman, no matter what else you might consider her to be) rose to prominence and performed an act unthinkable to any male politician, breaking the power of the unions in order to break with the past.

The phoney sympathy with the plight of impoverished Americans in the rhetoric of Bachmann and Palin feels, from these shores at least, outrageous and unacceptable. What I find odd is that those same disenfranchised people applaud them, but when Clinton and Obama tackled the problem with direct action in healthcare they were vilified.

I’ve been fascinated with the machinations of US politics since Watergate, so anything that can shed further light is welcome.

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  1. Alan says:

    Thatcher went insane with power – or didn’t you notice? Bitch sent me to prison over the poll tax thing.

    But then – I agree in principle – we need a strong leader right or wrong. Not a few brycreem blancmanges drowning in champagne and shouting “It’s OK, it’s OK”.

  2. Gretta says:

    For a given value of “good”, surely.

    I say this as an avowed Pinko Commie, but is it possible to be both strong and right-wing, without being a complete fruit loop? Here’s an FB link a friend posted a couple of weeks back, by an aforementioned right wing fruit loop, who blamed Gays for causing the Holocaust…


    I’d much rather be on the ‘loony Left’ any day.

  3. Alan says:

    Gretta – I had a look. Awful – really awful.

    For some people post-natal abortion?

  4. Ann Y says:

    These are scary women.
    I am not scary nor am I right wing.
    At least I don’t think I am……

  5. RICK D says:

    Scary stuff! I have never quite understood how the ‘godly’ religious right in the States can preach hate and mindless, baseless intolerance while at the same time professing to be devoted to a church of any kind. As Chris pointed out, somehow they manage to focus this hate into well-funded power trips – like the Mormons killing Prop 8 in California. I can only make the sociological leap that the same mentality that will accept the blind faith needed to sustain most faiths makes them vulnerable to the transportable zealotry of politics. After all, they already have the sheep in a pen (albeit with a steeple) why not brainwash them and pick their pockets while they are handy? As for the female factor, I am guessing they all have mommy issues.

    Now can someone please tell me how Scientology was proclaimed as a religion? If one is going to base a faith on a fictional book, let’s choose one of Chris’s! The Church of Bryant & May!?

  6. Helen Martin says:

    I’m waiting for the creed and the catechism, Rick.
    My Mother was horrified to learn I had waited 3/4 hour to see MS Thatcher arrive at Expo 86. I said that it was as well to know one’s enemy. She isn’t very tall, is she?

  7. Diogenes says:

    Bachmann is actually considerably worse than Palin, which is really saying something.

    Gacy was named after John Wayne. She’s done far worse than confusing those two. 🙁

  8. cindie says:

    The Republican party is full of delusional folks. Michelle Bachmann is just another over-achiever who thinks she can be elected president because Jesus is in her corner.

    We always assume these people have a book to sell or Fox TV show to shill (although Fox is losing viewers). They are all awful. Sigh… At least we got Bin Laden and Whitey Bulger! Yay America.

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