The Bryant & May Case: Competition Results

Bryant and May

Well, that was fun! And what a lot of possible cases for Arthur Bryant and John May to mention in the adventure that will follow ‘The Memory Of Blood’, to be entitled ‘The Invisible Code’.

I looked for a case that sounded as if there were possibilities within it to be explored, so that it might eventually appear fully explained in my Casebook Of Bryant & May short stories or comics.

Here were the runners- up:

The Kensington Tooth-Puller
The Colnet Hatch Banshee
(Both from ‘M’, who should note that I’ve already written his other suggestion – the Brief Encounter killer – it was called ‘Still Life’ and appeared in ‘Personal Demons’)

But the winner had to be:
The Limehouse Ratboy (although Alan’s ‘The Cleopatra Needle Exchange’ is very clever, because of what is buried beneath Cleopatra’s Needle)

Some lovely suggestions there, though, and thank you all for coming up with them.

11 comments on “The Bryant & May Case: Competition Results”

  1. Mike Carrington says:

    I suppose I’m too late to suggest ‘The Peal of St Clements’…..

  2. admin says:


  3. Mike Carrington says:

    *sad face

  4. Alan Morgan says:


    Keith’s art there is looking particularly good. The Bryant-turtle metaphor is wonderfully shown.

  5. Gretta says:

    Well done, Alan!

    I’m particularly chuffed with that choice, too, as one of my ancestors was a Police Sgt stationed at Limehouse in the late 1800s. 🙂

  6. Mike Cane says:

    Bah. I should have submitted The Electric Bookcase instead of The Electric Book. Ha. Oooh: The Electric Library. OK. I’ll stop now.

  7. Mike Carrington says:

    The world will also never discover what happened in ‘the case of the whistling Nun’. Bad times indeed.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    I’ll comfort myself with the fact that I entered. Congratulations Alan. There are really horrific possibilities in that title.

  9. Steve says:

    Um…How’d I miss this?

    “The Case of the Fermi Pair-a-docs”.

    Too late anyway.


  10. Helen Martin says:

    I’m soooo glad you missed the Fermi, etc., Steve – and only sorry that…

  11. Laurence Davey says:

    Something occurs to me. Given Arthurs background, surely the odd visit to a Pie and mash shop would be in order?

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