The Anti-Olympic Logo Manifesto

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With only one job available for every 83 graduates, it had to happen. Somebody had to put all that wasted creative energy to good use and come up with an alternative Olympics symbol. Inevitably, it was a bunch of avowedly ‘naughty’ artists headed by Billy Childish (ex-date of Tracey Emin, which says it all) who seem to have usurped the job of being this year’s pouty students.

The result, while better than the logo we’re currently stuck with, is a tad too – on the nose, shall we say? The message it’s trying to send is meant to be anti-fascist but appears to be exactly the opposite, thanks to reverent typography and something that oddly suggests we should bring back hanging.

As for the accompanying manifesto (which I’ve spared you) I think that should be a ‘personifesto’, don’t you?

Still, to quote Monty Python, I support their right to be silly.

And I rather like their old poster…

2 comments on “The Anti-Olympic Logo Manifesto”

  1. I like the Tate Modern one. 1 job for every 83 graduates? Utterly depressing.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Does anyone ever mention the job statistics to new registrants? No, of course not. I’ll admit that things can change in four years and perhaps there is a tremendous change just down the pike, but you do need a backup. My daughter-in-law wanted to be an archaeologist, but it became apparent there would be few openings so she used her botany minor instead.

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