Just Don’t Call It A Shed


This year’s Serpentine Pavilion teaches a valuable lesson; don’t judge by appearances.

Every year the pavilion is built from scratch and has a radically different design. This one is Swiss-designed, and offers a respite from the din of the city, as it acts like a walled garden, deadening outside sounds and offering monastic calm.

The architectural event has proven a smash hit with visitors in its 11 years. The Guardian is impressed, if a little worried about the rising nu,ber of visitors. ‘The intensely black Serpentine pavilion is really little more than a perfectly proportioned wooden agricultural shed with a garden at its centre and a bench, stained Prussian blue, running all around it. Here, you are invited, perhaps along with 800,000 other visitors, to sit quietly and contemplate the central flower garden planted by celebrated Dutch landscape gardener Piet Oudolf, the summer sky framed by the pavilion’s deep eaves above the plants and the ineffable darkness of the enveloping walls and dark corridors surrounding them.’

The only noisy fly in the ointment will be those bloody, bloody police helicopters, of which there seem to be more every day. Why are there so many, especially during a time of cutbacks?

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  1. Vickie Farrar says:

    I’ve been eyeballing the annual pavilion entries with interest for the past couple of years. Very cool concept..a lot of ingenuity and variety. Thank you for sharing this year’s selection. I am going to snoop around the internet and see if I can find any interior views….

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