Did Mail On Sunday Cause MP’s death?

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Christopher Shale, Chairman of West Oxford’s Conservative Association and a Cameron lynchpin may have taken his own life at Glastonbury after learning that the Mail On Sunday was leaking his critique of his own party, calling the Tories ‘graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take’.

At least, that would have been a classic Mail On Sunday ‘inference’ on the story (their one skill is in the linking of unconnected facts to imply a thought and planting it in their readers’ brainless heads). Shale seems like a good man who met a sad death, but he might have died of heart failure – nobody yet knows.

The point is that with celebrity culture clearly on the wane, who counts the cost of endless press attacks on ordinary people’s lives? Not the toothless old Press Complaints Commission, who managed to uphold a mere 5 adjudicated cases out of 2118 complaints in the last quarter.

I’ve always wondered how people working on pernicious tabloids manage to live with themselves. You can’t even use them as fictional villains because they’re too caricatured to be believable. They seem to believe that the Second World War is still on, judging by these headlines.

By the way, the country didn’t switch to German time and I just bought a dozen eggs. Oh, and meanwhile, the Daily Express shoots itself in the foot by killing all their future climate change scare stories…although the ozone layer and climate change aren’t the same thing in the real world.

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  1. Naaah, they’ll do an ozone layer story again in a month or two, when the readers have forgotten, as they’re bound to do.

  2. Ann Y says:

    These papers know their audience – unfortunately the folk who read them do not realise how easily they are manipulated.

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