Camden Goes To Hell


Not so long ago Camden was a pleasing hippyish outland of canals, bookshops and antiquarians. Now every square inch of it it sells drug paraphernalia and t-shirts to tourists who are easily parted from their cash. The tube and town are so overcrowded that the locals hide at weekends – which is just as well, as the Inverness Street food market has just been replaced with – guess what – t-shirt stalls and Union Jack rubbish.

Camden Council failed its residents by turning the borough into a retail free-for-all without control, taste or an interest in anything but turning a buck. Here’s an example;

A local pub, once elegant, now run-down, built to commemorate Princess Beatrice (with her name engraved on the roof). Beatrice was the youngest and most devoted of Queen Victoria’s daughters, the one who abandoned her own hopes to remain at her grieving mother’s side until her death. An interesting theme for a pub, you’d think. It could have been restored, as would happen elsewhere. But why bother to encourage that? Well done, Camden, you must be very proud.

3 comments on “Camden Goes To Hell”

  1. Martha says:

    Money talks – so does bullshit, apparently.
    That’s just …sad!

  2. Cid says:

    Though I understand your point, I do at this point have to stand up for the Wheelbarrow itself – it took over that building having had its previos incarnation, the Flowerpot in Kentish Town, was forced to close after the landowner decided to offload it to property developers having promised the tenants the opposite.

    The ethos of the Flowerpot and now the Wheelbarrow is laudable – free bands that people might have heard of (not just crap), and an attempt to be welcoming rather than trendy in an epic sea of fail that has spread out from Hoxton in recent years. It’s the type of place Camden ought to support – yes, alongside proper pubs like the Elephant’s Head and venues like the Electric Ballrom.

    Point is, it’s not the nightmare it might look from the outside, it’s putting a venerable old building to good use.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Glad to know there are good things going on inside but that sign !!! and is that police tape across the front?

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