Off The Rails And Into The Bookshops!

Bryant and May, London

‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ came out in paperback yesterday, and to celebrate I hid a dozen signed and dated editions around Central London today for you to discover. s far as I can tell, only one copy wasn’t found.

But let’s have a competition as well: Come up with the name of a likely Bryant & May case from the past, and I’ll include it in the next book. Last year’s winner, who came up with ‘The Belles Of Westminster’, has gone into ‘The Memory Of Blood’, out in September.

36 comments on “Off The Rails And Into The Bookshops!”

  1. Paul Burston says:

    The Kennington Conundrum

  2. jan edwards says:

    The Windmill Blades.

    Wapping Firebug

  3. Steve Bacon says:

    The Crouch End Creeper?

  4. Matthew Bycroft says:

    “The Highbury Horrors” (sorry I’m an Arsenal fan, and we’ve seen some horrors lately)

  5. Matthew Bycroft says:

    Is it “Off The Rails” or “Of The Rails”? Some signed mistyped copies would be worth a fortune…well maybe not that much!

  6. admin says:

    Excuse me, that’s worth as much as the Queen’s head being on back to front on a Penny Black!

  7. Jeff says:

    The Exmouth Market Flasher!
    (not at all “likely”)

  8. Neil Price says:

    The Crossharbour Piranhas
    When doe the treasure hunt start?

  9. admin says:

    At about 2pm I’d imagine – if I can get my act together today….

  10. Simon says:

    The Fulham Sweeper

  11. Cid says:

    The Barnsbury Blaggard.

    He’s a cad, you know.

  12. madmary says:

    The Curse of the Cordwainer – a killer who creeps about in really soft leather shoes so his victims can’t hear him coming.

    This is the best I can come up with – sad I know.

    Even sadder that I can’t visit London to hunt for books.


  13. Neil Price says:

    The Swiss Cottage Pies….. or The Swiss Cottagers. You decide.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  14. admin says:

    Setting off on Treasure Hunt now – follow me on Twitter in 10 minutes!

  15. Alan Morgan says:

    The Lord Numb

    Cleopatra’s Needle Exchange

    The Limehouse Ratboy

    The South Bank Job

  16. Gretta says:

    Ordered my copy from Amazon UK. Gods bless them, they currently have a special whereby we Antipodeans can get free postage if we spend more than 25 quid. Picked up a number of bargains, and they’re already wending their merry way southwards. :o)


    The Sailor’s Antimacassar.

    Apparently that’s the flap at the back of sailor’s uniforms. Also, according to Wiki, Jack the Ripper’s second victim made antimacassars for a living. And it would give you a good excuse to put the word ‘antimacassar’ into one of your stories. :o)

  17. Lisa Q says:

    The Chalk Farm Chopper (hits close to home for Bryant)
    The Hounds of Hammersmith
    Maida Vale/Mayfair Monster
    The Docklands Drownings
    The Belgravia Basher

  18. Stewy F-E says:

    The Devilish Hansom – A series of bizarre night-time thefts from the bedrooms of sleeping ladies by a handsome rogue in Victorian attire, who always escapes through the window and into a hansom cab pulled by a ghostly steed.

  19. J. Folgard says:

    Once again, I’m buying multiple copies as giveaways for friends & acquaintances with taste… Every new B&M outing has become its own kind of small event for me, so I hope you can keep them coming for a good, long time.

  20. Mike Cane says:

    Come on, you know I can’t resist this one:

    The Electric Book!


  21. M@ says:

    The Limehouse Golem…no, wait, that’s been done.

    The Colney Hatch banshee
    The rusted-nail bandit of Finchley Road
    The Kensington tooth-puller
    The Brief Encounter killer, who courts married ladies in station cafes

    This could be a new pub game.

  22. Helen Martin says:

    The Kings Cross Stitch Up
    The Regency Canelloni (obviously a poisoning)
    Swiss Cottage Curtains
    I’d love to fit in St Pancras but we’re back to body parts -The St. Pancras Pancras, Heart & Lungs
    Out Under the Tiles (takes place at Christmas while they raise the giant Christmas Tree)
    The Serpentine Snake

    I rather like getting Kings Cross, cross stitch and stitch up all in one.

  23. Alan Morgan says:

    The Russell Square Crow?

  24. paul hasbrouck says:

    The Mousetrap Murders?

  25. Alan says:

    Oh come on! Have you lot forgotten the baffling female nail?

  26. Colin Stanton says:

    The Cockney Cannibal!

  27. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,

    For what it’s worth here’s my suggestions.

    The Giltspur arsonist.
    The Boggaty Marsh cryer.
    The Routemaster Sweetheart Slayings.
    All best

  28. Neil says:

    How about The Aldwych Assassin? Or the Crouch End carpet bagger? (very nearly the crotch end carpet bagger by the time my predictive text had kicked in..,)

  29. Gretta says:

    Ohh, the shame, Alan…the ‘Baffling Female Nail’! How could I possibly have forgotten?

    Question though, could the Evil Book Pirate sue Admin for using that phrase?

  30. Stephen says:

    How about ‘The Alabaster Monocle’

  31. Alan Morgan says:

    The Mudlark Murder.

    The Turnpike Throttler.

    Ten Bells.

  32. Caitlin and Paul Davies says:

    Our best suggestions:
    The Highgate Hysteria
    The Beast of Battersea
    The Temple Terror
    The Clapham Claw

    Surely a winner there!?

  33. Kieran Cowan says:

    The Stroud Green Mustard Poisonings.

  34. Chris McCall says:

    The Serpentine Serpant

    The Bermondsey Banshee

  35. admin says:

    Yikes – there are some good ones here! Okay you lot, let’s call a moratorium on this and I’ll choose one tomorrow…

  36. Alan Holdgate says:

    what a wonderful book for anyone to read full to the brim of adventure well done Christopher

    I will read all the bryant and may titles.

    Best wishes


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