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Last night I met two of the sculptors who work for a friend’s company designing the high-end resin horror, SF and fantasy models you see in stores like Forbidden Planet. This is the work of Andrew Teal, who has just crafted heads of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee from Hammer’s first Dracula film.

Andrew painstakingly plots the features of his stars accurately from each film, so that you can not only recognise the star but tell which film it’s from by his facial features. Very cool stuff. I’ll post a link once I find the name of his site.

3 comments on “Heads Up For Hammer”

  1. Alan Morgan says:

    I missed this earlier in the week – and that’s some incredible work there. To sculpt to such photographic quality you’d want the artists to be waking up in solid gold beds but it’s probably not the case. Stunning.

  2. Mark Beetham says:

    Just wanted to know, Can you buy these heads? They are fantastic.

  3. mark says:

    amazing can you buy thses models?

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