Ten Good Things About Cornwall


1. The stunning, unspoilt beaches.
2. The clotted cream ice-cream cone.
3. Finally, genuinely brilliant restaurants.
4. The clarity of light.
5. No sirens.
6. Surprises around each corner – The Tin Mine Experience! (strapline: ‘More Than Just A Cornish Tin Mine!’) Bee World! The Bonsai Nursery & Japanese Garden!
7. Pubs still filled with taciturn locals and elderly couple from Rochdale on holiday.
8. Lichen-covered country churches that you could put on the covers of ghost story books.
9. Winding lanes.
10. Birdsong.

And Three Negatives:
1. Bloody awkward to get to from London.
2. More expensive than you think.
3. I’m back.

9 comments on “Ten Good Things About Cornwall”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    It has to stay awkward to get to. If it becomes easy everyone will go there. There used to be a train that went there (from Bath? but that’s not convenient to London, either, I suppose). I notice the sun is shining on that beach. Perhaps you have to holiday at home to avoid rain drenched experiences.

  2. Andy says:

    Ah, Cornwall. Kynance Cove, just around from the Lizard, has to be one of Britain’s most stunning beaches. Pure blue water, shading to green where it suns over the shallows and the pale yellow sands. The little path that winds down from the 200ft cliffs behind, made of the local serpentine rock (part of an Ophialite Complex donchaknow), beautiful dark green shimmery rock with veins of red like blood vessels. Sigh. North coast is nice, rugged and windswept, but I like the south, with its flooded valleys and wooded coves. Forget St. Albans, go to Mevagissey, superb fish restaurants and both the Eden Project and Lost Gardens of Heligan nearby. And Dodman point, a lonely promontory with a granite cross erected to protect shipping. Remember standing there by myself, sea on three sides of me as the sun set and the rippling water below turned blood red. Falmoth and Truro are lovely too, boat trips up Carrick roads and over to Mawes and round the coast to Mawnan.

    Dammit. I want to go back to Cornwall now.

  3. That ice cream looks bloody good. Mmm.

  4. Alan Morgan says:

    Pah, in Cumberland we’ve (and in answer to each point):

    1. The foam that is so indicative of Sellafield.
    2. Hartley’s Ice Cream. To be fair, very nice. But yours looks better.
    3. Quite probably… but, the best fish and chips up on Broughton Moor.
    4. Wordsworth, big shirts, poets skipping from peak to peak like ballooning kites.
    5. Just gun crime within a short mile last year, only to be unaware of any of it. So, no sirens.
    6. The Rum Experience! The Pencil Museum! Lakes, really, lakes.
    7. Aye. Best not do what a mate of mine did when up here and not getting much of a signal wanted to know of the locals if they had mobile phones up here? My mates not working one of the locals dug out his and leant it to the silly rude stranger. Which was nice until my mate got tangled up in the string on the bottom of the tin.
    8. Actually, lots of that. But it’s not fiction.
    9. Of course. Sheep filled.
    10. C’mon, what about all the zombie doves you get in London hobbling about on one foot and pecking up sick from a pissy pavement? They may not sing as such, but they will ask ‘what the fuck you think you’re looking at?’ :0)

  5. Martha says:

    What Helen said x triple
    I loved and still love Cornwall.

  6. Anne Fernie says:

    Alan, The North is good (!) but can’t help noticing there are more Northerners & Scots in Cornwall than there are locals – why is this?????? At least 2 months to go before I can get my gob around one of those cornets – can’t wait……

  7. Alan Morgan says:

    Can’t answer for the north, Anne – I just live there. I am of Lambeth descent. Oh, but there is one better-than for Cumbria. Three hours by swift train from London.

  8. There used to be trains to and from Bristol, I remember once coming back from somewhere around Tintagel and reaching the Bristol railway station at 2 in the morning, greeted by the wild yakking of gulls. That was back in the 70’s so the schedules may have changed, since! ^______^

  9. Helen Martin says:

    Aha! Have consulted my in-house expert on all things RR and he says that his memory is that there are two through trains from Cornwall (Tintagel, perhaps?) which go at least as far as York (one of my favourite places, as I have said before). If you are going to London, however, you do have to change at Bristol-Temple Mead. If it is 2am I agree that that is really inconvenient, but at least the gulls ensured that you were awake.

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