The Five Star Treatment

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The Times suggests that authors are paying ‘reputation management’ agencies thousands to employ people to push up their book ratings into the bestseller lists with favourable reviews.

There is a simpler way authors can do this. Write a better book.

Also in the report, TripAdvisor is being accused of posting more fraudulent reviews. Again, agencies are offering to do it.

How come agencies offering these services aren’t prosecuted?

3 comments on “The Five Star Treatment”

  1. jan says:

    might it be for the same reason the recent Ryan Giggs saga slipped out of any control? the net is international hard to pin down to being within any single countrys legislative grasp. Within whose jurisdiction would these “crimes” fall? and who is the victim of this heinous crime any sort of publicity being good publicity for those hankering for a place in the public eye……….

  2. Martha says:

    I think the only recourse we have to this lying behaviour is to write and speak out EVERY TIME we come across an example.
    Eventually sites like TripAdvisor that allow fraudulent postings will be discredited and of no further use to the fraudsters.

    What we do about Amazon is anybody’s guess….

  3. Rod says:

    I stopped reading book reviews in newspapers and magazines a long time ago because I suspected this, they are all rubbing each others backs.

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