Monthly Archives: May 2011

Wrong Territory

A new wrinkle in the eReader saga – I decided to download the books I wanted to read on holiday while I was away, but you can’t; they’re protected by territory, even though I’m paying with an English credit card. So you have to make your choices before you travel. This, and the lack of […]

Missing Obama

I’ve missed Obama visiting the UK, which is a shame. The US security service made the entire population of Obama’s hometown in Ireland go out and come back in again through metal detectors, and the one old lady who refused was apparently kept away from the visit. They also sent several thousand litres of paint […]

What I Did On My Hols

Local shop. Local pet. Local response to Greek economic collapse (click to enlarge).

Chalk & Cheese Reading

A couple of observations about e-reading. Many of the books I’ve downloaded have been appallingly rendered through software glitches. I guess this will get better in time, but with so many formats it was bound to happen. As far as I can see, the Kindle library is not as wide-ranging as ePub, and software like […]

Stimulating The Mind

Before I took a week off, I got stuck halfway through a new novel. It had been a very productive year up to that point, finishing four new books, a videogame, judging the Crime Writers’ Awards, writing my regular columns and articles, plus pitching on a wide array of projects, the ones that didn’t get […]

House Of Fear

‘End Of The Line’, a collection of underground-based spooky tales, was one of last year’s anthology highlights. This year, ‘House Of Fear’, also edited by Jonathan Oliver, brings the same sensibility into the home. It’s a strong line-up, with stories from: Joe Lansdale Paul Meloy Adam Nevill Lisa Tuttle Tim Lebbon Sarah Pinborough Eric Brown […]

How To Be Taken Seriously

I love the dark English sense of humour, but for a writer it can prove fatal. Humour writing rarely wins awards, and can act as a deterrent to selling stories or novels. There’s a traditional attitude to film and book writing that says you can say or do anything if you say it seriously enough. […]

Hidden London

Here’s something you probably won’t have seen before (I had to stand on a cafe table to get the shot). The Crossrail project has meant the demolition of entire city blocks in central London, and it’s amazing how quickly one forgets what was there before. It’s not so much the building as where it is; […]

Leaving London

This is the view from the coffee shop I blog from, the excellent Gran Sasso on Cally Rd. The bottom one is where I’m going. Yes, it’s goodbye to King’s Cross for one week and hello to the Aegean, where Europe’s favourite bankrupt holiday playground is just about to enter high season, signified by hotels […]

Things You See On Oxford Street

Walking along Oxford Street the other day, I passed some giant dancing dresses. Nobody seemed to notice. I swear living in London is like being inside some peculiar hallucination. Turns out it was advertising some kind of chocolate bar. This is presumably the last stop for creatives on the slide.