Piracy Of The Page

Bryant and May

Maybe I should be flattered that the Bryant & May series is successful enough to qualify.

With grim inevitability, the electronic pirates have hit my books with a massive number of illegal download sites. And because I’ve had occasion to look up Bryant & May material online (I can’t remember everything off the top of my head), they’re offering them back to me.

But before you consider illegally downloading them (not that any of you would ever think of doing such a thing) bear in mind that the transcriptions may not be absolutely perfect, as can be seen from this synopsis of ‘The Victoria Vanishes’.

‘The about harbor aspects of this refreshing follow its thinking humour and amusingly sarcastic and witty dialogue. I laughed until I cried at the pert eulogy redeemed aside Bryant at the heat of the former, unmourned Oswald Elias Finch, the PCU’s sometime pathologist who died inwards his have morgue. Bryant drunkenly ticktacks cancelled the deceased’s less attractive qualities: “No smell of humor, no capture, friendless, embittered, stone-faced and bally paltry & on lead of which he stank.” For about unaccountable argue, Bryant has the job of disposing of the dead man’s ashes, an assignment which examines in represent a bit besides lots for the loaded detective.
Fowler keeps the unequaled character of London, a order usurioused in both history and eccentricity. He has created a wonderful roll of characters into the PCU: Sergeant Janice Longbright, a alone woman who has sacrificed a social life for her career and is beginning inside rue it; Meera Mangeshkar, a baffling female nail who grew upwardly on a council estate; the aerial April, John May’s granddaughter, a regain agoraphobic who are brilliant at piece and see patrol covers, evidence, and see statements; 28 year honest-to-god Giles Kershaw, a glorious Eton graduate who is stepping into Finch’s shoes equally the unit’s young pathologist; and Dan Banbury, a hacker who utilises his considerable abilities as the PCU’s “IT roast and crime scene manager.
” Apiece of these singles has a role in toy and, although they quibble at clock comparable whatever family, they suffer grown into like profoundly well-nigh unrivaled another.
Fans should record “The Victoria Vanishes” for its colorful descriptive publish, inventiveness, and veneration of London’s becharm ambiance. Fowler revalues life’s vagaries equally comfortably as the importance of exerting a burn of skepticism fifty-fifty as things seem to follow equally apparently as the nose on your face.’

Personally, I exert the burn of skepticism fifty fifty about all of this, but you may wish to stick with the legal versions.

9 comments on “Piracy Of The Page”

  1. Wayne says:

    OH you do make me laugh, i love a good chuckle. How on earth does text get so corrupted It’s like reading a nonsense poem.

    I for one would never download, i like the feel of a book in my hand and yours especially …… 😉

  2. Oh, yeah, London’s becham ambiance is spot on.

  3. Gretta says:

    With all due respect, I happen to think Meera’s new description is a cracker, so I shall henceforth consider her a baffling female nail. A big bag of Minstrels to Admin if he can squeeze ‘usurioused’ into one of the new novels, too.

  4. madmary says:

    I like the idea that Meera grew upwardly! Sounds like a proud weed.

    I would never download anything illegally. I love the idea that authors I follow have enough money to keep making more books for me to read or listen to.


  5. Alan Morgan says:

    I look forward to Arthur’s anything being ‘pert’.

    This is the mostest spectacular, reading of the Fowler is the best being. Also, we have assault rifle.

  6. J F Norris says:

    That’ll learn y’all when using them dang blasted computer translating type machines. They don’t know nuffin about the English langwidge.

  7. Alan says:

    I agree with above comments about “baffling female nail”.

    Suggest it be used as a teaser on the next B&M book – or even as the next title? Bryant and May and the Baffling Female Nail.

    As part of my Resident’s Association work I help out at the local computer club. About 80% of my time is spent dealing with problems incurred by people visiting dodgy illegal file-sharing sites. I can usually sort the problems out – but only once. If the same machine comes back with the same problem – so sorry cholly – you were caught stealing again.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    I know about bespoke suits, et al, but becharm (a typo for becharmed, surely)? Becharmed ambience, yes, lovely. I thought it was ‘female naif’ which would be wrong, anyway, but no, it’s nail alright. Do they really think people will go for anything so obviously stolen? If anyone does, I hope it does mush up their computers.

  9. Steve Beat says:

    I have to say that books are a funny items when it comes to piracy. Despite the onslaught of audiobooks and electronic books it’s amazing just how many people simply prefer the good old fashioned tactile nature of a printed book. And because of this there is a natural ‘speed bump’ of sorts which prevents piracy having the absolutely huge impact on books as it has on music (at a guess)…

    I listen to Bryant and May on my iPod as I commute and as I look around my coach I can see a host of people all ‘reading’ (or listening) in different ways. But it’s quite reassuring to see just how many are still pulling weighty hard backs out of bags!

    It’s still nice to line up those printed books on a shelf at home and call me naive – or overly romantic – but I like to think that someone with the intelligence to want to read a printed book is also someone with a strong enough moral compass to avoid the temptation to download one illegally.

    Maybe I am fooling myself. 😉

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