Wrong Territory

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A new wrinkle in the eReader saga – I decided to download the books I wanted to read on holiday while I was away, but you can’t; they’re protected by territory, even though I’m paying with an English credit card. So you have to make your choices before you travel. This, and the lack of e-reading choice, will mean I never give up books for my eReader even though I have fallen in love with it.

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  1. Rick says:

    Well shit… technology will damn us all in the end.

    Being in Canada, I find it frustrating that I cannot buy Kindle books from AMAZON UK but I CAN buy t he books themselves. Same goes for iTunes; given the Canadian site is truly pathetic, I managed to get a US account but only by having a US credit card for a US bank and US billing account. I always thought the point of the internet was to open avenues of commmerce and communication. Guess it only applies to porn (as the song in ‘Avenue Q’ says…

  2. Anyone who is paying for porn on the internet is doing it wrong, LOL. Sorry Rick, I just couldn’t help it.

  3. stephen.reeves says:

    In Canada i buy kindle books via Amazon.com, and I have purchased all my Bryant and May books through Kobo.

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