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I’ve missed Obama visiting the UK, which is a shame. The US security service made the entire population of Obama’s hometown in Ireland go out and come back in again through metal detectors, and the one old lady who refused was apparently kept away from the visit.

They also sent several thousand litres of paint to the houses Obama was visiting so that the street wouldn’t look so depressing. It’s a bit like when the Queen goes to the Royal Film Performance, and they fill the cinema with flowers. She must think it’s a lovely experience for us all to go to the pictures, all those flowers. She’s obviously never been to the Odeon Holloway on a Saturday night.

I loved the bit where ‘The Beast’, the terrifying presidential vehicle, was grounded by an Irish speed bump, though.

I’m reminded of the lovely book ‘The Tin Men’ by Michael Frayn, in which a scientific institute braces itself for a ‘low key’ royal visit that goes spectacularly wrong.

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    President Obama was (like all who met Elric of Melnibone) surprised by how small and old the Emperor had become. Elric of Melnibone is said to have retorted upon registering such familiar surprise, ‘It’s been a long time since the 60s man, and I was Jerry Cornelius back then’.

  2. Vickie Farrar says:

    Years ago, I was strolling about downtown San Francisco with a friend when I was startled by the sight of the roofs lining our route covered with men crouching with rifles (or perhaps more lethal weaponry). Then I noticed that police were keeping all pedestrians from crossing the street. Dotted amongst the pedestrians were grim-faced men in black suits wearing headsets. Turns out that President Clinton was coming through to have lunch with his then-college-age daughter Chelsea. When the secure Presidential limo breezed by, I was actually able to see President Clinton smiling and waving. Once THAT excitement was over, my friend and I explored the area and came across a govt security vehicle that makes Hummers look like Dinky toys — huge, black and studded, adorned with numerous antenna, and surrounded by more scowling men in black. We kept our distance. It was a most interesting experience and, by a fluke, probably the closest I will ever come to a sitting U.S. President.

    And, sorry, none of this has anything to do with the Sham of Decency that exists for visiting heads of state…

  3. Helen Martin says:

    That goes back to Catherine the Great and probably further. I wonder how much backlash the president is going to get for not coming straight home to visit Joplin and the other tornado hit towns. We didn’t used to have all this security stuff and were startled when American presidents visited by the checking out of all the places he was to go. Even our prime minister now has a fair amount of security around so I suppose the crazies are multiplying.

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