I’m Having The Spam


Spammers are getting craftier. After deleting the one thousand spam messages in my inbox that read ‘I hate your blog’ or ‘this is really interesting’, I came across one that said ‘I remember we met and you’re going to the party next week, look forward to seeing you’ , from Sienna Miller.

I’m just about to delete it when I have this weird thought. Actually, I’ve met the real Ms Miller a couple of times, and have had lunch with her more than once (as part of a group), and I’m going to a bash next week being thrown by a mutual friend, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility…except of course it is. For a start, she wouldn’t remember me, and the clincher is that IP address is some kind of furniture store in America.

It seems especially cruel to single out Ms Miller as a spammer because she has just settled out of court with the sleazy News Of The World for stealing her emails.

The only spam that might get my attention now is ‘You’ve left your flat keys in the mailroom door again, you fool.’

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