Monthly Archives: April 2011


Rather than snap the roller-skating grannies I went to see this, one of my favourite objects, a lightning-struck statue in the little garden of the Musee Picasso. I whipped up the coast by train to Antibes to find – it was open! This museum is the Brigadoon of art, seemingly opening to the public once […]

Nice In Nice

I’m in Nice for the weekend. For central Londoners, the South of France is easier to reach than Devon, and about the same price, and as I don’t have a household full of cars – or indeed even move my car, unless there’s a cat stuck under it – I don’t feel too guilty. The […]

‘How To Write’ Books

Do you think writing can be taught? It makes economic sense to a lot of vested interests to say yes, it can. I’m not so sure. Yes, you can learn the structures, tropes and styles of writing, but without the innate ability to tell a story well, you’re working at a disadvantage. Not that this […]