Too Many Eyes On London


Well, the London Eye pulsed red, white and blue, the partying went without a hitch, and as the country nurses its collective hangover I’m going to a Pirate Wedding today, sans parrot.

After two wedding parties, I realised I was the only Englishman at either, and the only one not terribly interested in the marriage of two rich strangers. The other guests were American, Canadian, Australian. Parades and pageants have been there all my life, from the Lord Mayor’s show to state funerals. The lustre wears off when the barriers go up and you need to cross London.

The royal wedding has forced other news off the front pages, notably a horrific nail-bomb explosion that has killed 14 in one of my favourite Marrakech bars, and Libyan fighting that is now spilling over into Tunisia. The regime-protests are spreading to African states as populations starts to remember that they can effect change. It feels like 1968 again, but this time affects regimes in countries that have had unchanged long-term dictatorships.

Time to get the cameras off this city and spotlight what’s happening elsewhere, I think. But how much of the news do you get from the press? Increasingly I find my information online, and watch events unfold in real time.

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  1. Oh, the press (well, from what I see in France, at least) does cover the news pretty well. The big problem is priorities (though the terrorist bomb in Marrakech took precedence over the Royal wedding, here) and follow-up. Nothing is solved in Fukushima, but papers have stopped writing about it, and Libya is relegated to the back pages. The press trades only in shock and images.

    Except for Royal weddings, where you get loads and loads of stunningly uninformative info and vacant shots of places where the event will occur.

  2. Alan says:

    Great – another parrot joins the dole queue – nice one Chris.

  3. I catch a lot of news from Fark, when I want some funny/interesting commentary and debates. But I also hit the major newspapers online. I think in this day you can’t just stick to one paper exclusively, you have to play them off each other.

    Also, a pirate wedding sounds brilliant. I do hope you dress in theme, and take pictures!

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