Festival Of Britain Turns 60


I’ve been researching the subject, and this weekend there’s a four-day party on the site of the original Festival Of Britain to celebrate the 60th anniversary, but sadly there’s no Skylon. But I went down there this afternoon (where it was 26 degrees, hotter than Ibiza) and found beach huts, bunting, a beach and other things that had very little to do with the Festival of Britain.

Charming as it was, it shared one characteristic with its original – it was austerity-driven, a bit small, tatty and end-of-the-pier, incredibly littered and messy. The South Bank British events are often a bit like this, high on promise – except for the excellent Brazilian events. However, the peculiarity of having August in April was enough to make it a novelty.

And there was one very nice item on sale – a 60th anniversary Festival of Britain T-shirt featuring the original logo, which I’ve always liked.

Further along the river, I like this little plinth that allows you to look at St Paul’s from a nicer angle…

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    That logo must make a terrific shirt. Since it doesn’t have reference to the anniversary you could almost pass it off as an original except that I’ll bet there weren’t commemorative T-shirts for sale in 1951.
    The mayor’s South Bank Festival that I saw was a lot of fun, varied events and not either dingy or littered. Good weather, too.

  2. Alan says:

    “it was austerity-driven, a bit small, tatty and end-of-the-pier, incredibly littered and messy.”

    Missed a good joke there Chris.

    Alan (diving right back under duvet…)

  3. Very nice logo, I must try and find that t-shirt…

  4. Found the actual t-shirt, it’s not quite so colourful as your pic, which displays the 100£ canvas print… ó____ò

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    Is that £100 for a t-shirt, Patrick? Unless I’m being dim, if I paid that much for a top I’d expect it to make me a cup of tea afterwards.

  6. admin says:

    Let’s not get into the price of clothes or I’ll tell you how much I have paid for a pair of jeans in the past. (Admittedly DSquared but still…)

  7. Helen Martin says:

    Well, I ain’t payin’ no 100 pounds for no wall poster.

  8. Gretta says:

    100 quid for a t-shirt!? o.0

    I once bought an entire job interview outfit (shoes, trews, shirt and jacket) for under NZ$100. No, I didn’t get the job, but that’s not the point. Ok, it probably *is* the point, but still…

  9. Alan Morgan says:

    I hope those jeans bought you dinner at the very least!

  10. Helen Martin says:

    And I hope they were more flattering than the cargo pants you’re wearing to view St. Paul’s.

  11. Helen Martin says:

    Where do we get the nerve, the unutterable gall, to make these personal comments? Oh, right, you post the pictures and open the forum.

  12. admin says:

    Er, – that’s not me, Helen!

  13. Helen Martin says:

    Yersh! Sorry about that, Chris. Can I plead the dark glasses and shadows effect?

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