New Lungs, Please


Apparently I live in the worst 10 percent air quality area in Britain, due to the huge arterial road nearby. A new scheme is piloting a ‘dust supressant’ trial to do something about the fine black dust that sifts down around us.

The dust is in all cities – it’s caused by tyre and brake abrasion, and associated with a range of health problems. A report for the Mayor said that over 4,000 early deaths were caused by long term exposure to air pollution.

The suppressant is a a biodegradable saline solution made up of Calcium Magnesium Acetate that sticks the particulate matter to the carriageway and prevents it re-circulating in the air. If it works, it will be used on all major roads in the capital.

London is a very green city in summer, but it would be nice if this initiative could be coupled with the planting of a lot more trees.

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  1. Alan says:

    Chris – indeed.

    I have been fighting Kingston Council for a couple of years now over their attitude “a problem? – let’s cut down some trees”.

    OK – some trees have to be removed – old and venerable as they may be – but it still hacks me off. I am reminded of a cartoon I saw in a French newspaper – a man in a gas mask trying to sniff a flower in a cloche.

  2. Alan Morgan says:

    Cities stink, they really do. I never noticed whenever I’ve lived in one but nowadays and three steps from the train and it’s hot tin, unhappy heat and all last week’s yesterdays. Of course there are also really good pubs, people that don’t chase after cars dressed only in their wellies (‘the Devil’s carriage!’), museums not entirely given over to three-thumb taxidermy, and reading folk – but the smell will want to have a word.

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