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It’s the opposite of Writer’s Block – I seem to have written a story and don’t remember ever writing it!

Google Alerts sent me notification that there’s a story of mine called ‘Fast Awake’ on a Japanese website. I went to it and sure enough, it has my paws all over it, it’s just – I don’t ever recall ever seeing it in my life.

Did I write it in my sleep? I use the names of friends in stories and this one is peppered with people I haven’t seen for maybe three years, so I now have an approximate date, and a location, Ventimiglia in Italy, where I certainly used to go about three years ago – and I remember considering the title for something once – but the story rings no bells at all.

Have I become so bloody prolific that I no longer recall what I write? I’m transcribing it right now, and it’s very weird because it’s still not coming back to me.

So, there you go, the definition of Writer’s Blank – having written something you don’t recall.

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  1. Damn prolific if it’s only a three years old story. I sometimes come across things I’ve done or drawn that I didn’t remember, but they usually date from way further back.

    Usually. There have been exceptions. ^______^

  2. Leigh Bellinger says:

    How … odd.

  3. Mark Pack says:

    Sounds like the start of a fantastic plot for a thriller – The Man With Too Many Stories.

  4. michelle??? says:

    I write manuals for systems we use in work. I have so many I sometimes come across them and think, I don’t remember ever using that program.

  5. Mike Carrington says:

    I agree with Mark. The writer could be contacted to do some sort of publicity event for a story they don’t recall… intrigued they go along. The event progreses well then they are kidnapped by someone as an act of revenge.. perhaps the kidnappers’ partner was obsessed with the writers’ work, or the kidnapper suffered some loss or injury caused by a third party influenced by the stories…. Contact me to discuss publishing rights! lol!

  6. Andy says:

    Maybe you didn’t forget the story, maybe the story forgot the author.

    “Ghost writing” suddenly takes on a whole creepier meaning…

  7. Helen Martin says:

    And surely the title is The Man Who Wrote Too Much. An alternative plot would see the writer having what seem to be small gaps in his memory – “So what did you do over the weekend, any fun?” “Don’t think I did much at all. Funny, I don’t remember anything but a fuzzy blur.” He is being put into a receptive state in which Isaac Azimov – or author of your choice, uses him as a means of writing stories he didn’t have a chance to write while alive.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Talk about improper pronoun reference! It should be “-or author of your choice – uses him as a means of writing stories *Azimov* didn’t have a chance….

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