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A snippet in today’s Guardian interested me because of the graceful rebuttal a videogame maker issued to an outraged commenter who complained that, in ‘Dragon Age 2’, when you change the sex of your player you can – should you so desire – flirt with those of the same sex. The stance of Bioware, the manufacturer, was simple: relationships are for everybody, whether gay, straight, or anything in between. You can also have have more than one romance at a time with the game’s characters. In this game, everybody is equal.

The response of David Gaider, senior writer at BioWare, was: “Privilege always lies with the majority. They’re so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance . . . And the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least.” Full article here.

Having just finished writing a videogame for Paramount, I’m learning that there’s a lot to admire in this virtual world. More on my experience to follow…

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  1. Gretta says:

    David Gaider is my new hero. In fact, I’m going to pinch that fabulous quote and put it on my FB status!

  2. J F Norris says:

    I really like the way he handled that. Turned the “issue” (really the biggest non-issue of the 21st century) into something far more insidious than same sex couples.

  3. GumshoeDunn says:

    Oh J F how I wish it were a non issue, although it should be. I think Indiana-ok maybe some of our other fine states too-is the only place where I can go into my HR department, inquire about ‘partner’ benefits and get “what’s her name?” Long story short they still declined our happy little home-although I did everything they said to do-I even told them I’d send them some tapes to prove we were partners but they weren’t amused. Neither was I for the matter. On a small aside is it just me or is everyone in a human resource department trained in humorlessness, if these are my knights at my job I’d really hate to come up against my dragons.
    But to bring this post back to reality, I saw that article a couple of days ago and I loved it. My experience though has always been that the people I care about accept me for me, the people in positions of power are disgusted with me as much as I am with them.
    Oh by the way Admin, I think I have seen you reference your ‘partner’ before, what’s her name? 🙂

  4. Alan Morgan says:

    The world is full of twats and online worlds are certainly no different I’m sure. If his only experience of being flirted with by one of his own gender is as a made-up avatar in a pretend place then it doesn’t speak well for his real self. Mind you he probably feels more confortable in made-up places for clearly the chap is a Narnian – living in a fantasy world right at the back of the closet.

  5. Vicki says:

    Hi, Mass Effect was way ahead, this is not new in gaming unless it is the same sex “male” issue that has caused this idiot comentator to make a phobic fool of themselves.(I have never played it as a man!) Certainly as a woman playing the game I can have same sex relationships and interspecies relationaships, even a same sex interspecies relationship – now that was interesting! And why not!!

  6. Helen Martin says:


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