Sinister Cecil

London, Reading & Writing

Cecil Court is known to book lovers as one of the most delightful streets in London. It’s just about the last one to be entirely filled with arcane bookshops, although I daresay Costa Coffee is probably trying to wedge its way in. It’s not about coffee down here, it’s about reading, and to help it stay that way, Goldsboro Books is hosting the first Crime in the Court evening on the 21st June 2011.

It’s a new annual event that will be an informal gathering for crime fans to meet the best crime writers published today. And it also has a crime connection of its own.

Long before number 23 became the home of Goldsboro Books it was the site of the notorious murder of Elsie Batten, a 59 year old shop assistant working at Louis Meier’s Antiques. It was however, to be the solution to the crime that made its mark on history.

Her murderer Edwin Bush, was identified and caught within days using a revolutionary new technique that was to change the future of police detection in the UK; the Identikit system. With the later conviction and execution of Bush at Pentonville Prison it became the first case solved using Identikit.

There have been parties in the courtyard before, and they’re always a hoot. This one looks likely to be great fun.