Things You Don’t Want On The Interweb


Tired of Charlie Sheen clogging up your interweb browsing? Try the new Sheenaway removal system here that blocks all mention of the poor drug-addled babblehead appearing on your ‘puter.

Hopefully there will soon also be one that blocks Justin Bieber, and the mentally ill fan who called me a ‘Faggit’ and threatened to kill me on this site yesterday. Yes, you, I am ‘disrespectin’ you (waves two welded-together fingers down around head) and your tragic pursuit of the prepubescent nano-second fame-moth.

While I’m on the subject of ‘Things I could do without’, how about the endless comments from spammers disguised as real comments which I have to block every day?

A typical one will run like this. ‘I really admire this website. You must tell me how you post such perfect excellent things as this. I must find good things on your site daily.’ The peculiar sentence structure coupled with the non-specific references are a giveaway. Sometimes they actually ask me to tell them how to get rid of spam.

Apart from that I’m very happy, thank you.

7 comments on “Things You Don’t Want On The Interweb”

  1. Red Wolf says:

    The same guy wrote a Beiber blocker a while back.

  2. Vickie Farrar says:

    Your blog is like sitting in your mental living room, always an amusing, diverse, interesting, intelligent and unexpected delight. I was startled today when you wrote that someone used your own blog to throw sticks and stones at you…too rude, dude!

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    I have to ask in case, was the abuse from a ‘Bill Sykes’? In which case the profanity might have been a typo.

  4. Endless comments from spammers in disguise? Sounds like most of the new followers I get on Twitter each day who are gone again by the end of the week when I don’t respond to their advertising.

  5. Daniel says:

    You know who are worse than twitter spammers? Those people who tweet nothing but ‘inspirational’ or ‘motivational’ messages; usually some trite platitude of the kind your granny would read out from the letters page of People’s Friend while you squirmed in your seat with embarrassment at the cheesiness of it.

  6. Rick says:

    Sorry to hear you have been the subject of such unwarrented and cowardly abuse. Anyone who has a problem with you or your wonderfully entertaining and informative thoughts has far deeper problems of their own to deal with!

  7. I might have to agree with Daniel on that one…

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