Hidden London: The Other St Paul’s


This website is not really a ‘London Oddities’ site, although I do feature items that take my passing interest. And I had a particular interest in this one.

In my novel ‘Disturbia’, the hero Vince spends a long, stormy London night trying to outwit the villain, Sebastian, in a series of twelve challenges, tracking down solutions for tricky puzzles that must be solved at the rate of one an hour. One of them involves the other St Pauls, a miniature version held in the hand of the Muse of Architecture, one of eight women representing arts and sciences who can be found sticking out of the side of Vauxhall Bridge.

It’s hard to see from the bridge and even harder to photograph with your phone without dropping it, so I’m pleased that my friend Michele has found good shots on the excellent Knowledge Of London site.

One comment on “Hidden London: The Other St Paul’s”

  1. Alan Morgan says:

    You should put up pictures of each location. I’ve thought on the book when on the train up by Vauxhall there’s the other Elephant & Castle on the rooftop over from the station.

    Mind you and as a slight aside having just recently read Paperboy I’m not sure I should have picked up Psychoville for a reread this morning!

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