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Pogo, the Perth remixer, was around when I first started this site. I remember stumbling across his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ remix (still on this site somewhere, maybe in the hall cupboard or under a sofa cushion) and being utterly entranced.

Few people who do this sort of thing manage to pull it off. For a remix like this to work, it must become something else – something new and different – from its source. There’s a grey area in producing such material because copyright laws in theory protect the original creators, but the clips are rarely longer than a second or two.

Disney turned a blind eye and eventually Pixar, to their great credit, sanctioned him for an ‘Up’ remix, but Pogo fell afoul of Spielberg for his loving ‘Hook’ remix, which was subsequently removed.

You know what comes next – many others posted it and made their own versions. Now, there are doubtless many readers of this site who do not have an affinity for house music or beats of any kind, which is fine. One argument runs that a passing familiarity with the peculiarly circular effects of certain drugs definitely helps an appreciation of such tracks. Howard Goodall is especially fascinating on the conflict between rhythm and harmony – you’ll find his ‘Big Bangs’ show on YouTube and again on this site.

Pogo manages to structure his remixes in a way that replicates the traditional shapes of songs (chorus, refrain, bridge etc) to produce new effects. Here he is in sentimental mode, for a remix that somehow ameliorates one’s memory of the original film.

2 comments on “Soundtracking 3: Remixed”

  1. Andy says:

    Not so sure about this…. Interesting but, I dunno, just not me.

    I recall seeing Howard Goodalls “How Music Works” when it was broadcast and that was a real eye opener. Fascinating to see (and hear) all the math behind the music; symphony, harmony, counterpoint and how it all fitted together. Also fascinating to realise how great a musical debt we owe the Beatles, they were doing things with music that people simple hadn’t done before.

  2. J. Folgard says:

    I fall right into that category of non-fans, but I first became aware of Pogo’s output via his Snow White remix, ‘Wishery’, and loved it. Thanks for posting this one!

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