Sold Out In London


London’s darkest months are lightened by the fact that the evenings contain the brightest sights. Last night, in the bitter chill of the West End I passed a zillion people queuing for the premiere of the new ‘Wizard Of Oz’ production, and almost every pub and theatre had crowds outside drinking and smoking (Britain being one of the drinkiest places on Earth, apparently; well done us).

I attended ‘Host’, my mate Sean Pertwee’s gallery opening at PA&G, 15 Bateman Street, with artworks by Nancy Fouts & Alan Rankle, including this huge, graceful installation of feathers, and the event was so crowded that the entire street was filled.

Meanwhile, there’s no point in trying for tickets to the Royal Opera House’s ‘Anna Nicole’ (pictured at top), most of the hot new plays are entirely sold out (‘Frankenstein’ hasn’t been officially reviewed yet but there are hardly any tickets). The top ticket for ‘The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg’ is selling at sixty nicker. Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Dinner’ isn’t taking bookings until after June. Galleries and museums are packed. What the flying flip is going on?

The answer, it seems, is to head for TKTS or join a concierge club and pay insane prices for seats, reservations etc. Or to go somewhere fun but unfashionable, like the Crab Shack on the King’s Road or the King’s Head Theatre, which used to have wonderful plays and now just has operas banged out on a piano.

Got any bright ideas for fun, uncrowded places?

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  1. This exhibition was wonderful. Well done to Sean. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of Rankle’s amazing landscape portraits with Nancy’s feathers. You wouldn’t think that it would work, but it did with the textures of the portraits resonating with the deep soft hues of the feathers. I was at another opening night the following week, and three different people were raving about this show.

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