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As great jobs go, it’s right up there with wicker repair and stoat breeding. Tell someone you’re a writer and you often get answers of a pitying ‘That’s nice for you’ variety.

I don’t talk much about ‘Why I Write’ mainly because we all do it differently. But a conversational exchange caught my attention recently that sparked my interest:

‘Is writing what you most want to do?’
‘Oh yes, I write every day.’
‘Is there ever a day when you could not write?’

Good point. For many of us, writing is like breathing, and to stop is to die. Which, of itself, doesn’t make you a good writer, but is at least a good pointer to someone who’ll stay the course.

The Peculiar Crimes Unit website here is a chance to explore my writing and characters in more literary detail, and I’ve just added new sections for those who want some in-depth articles on writing. Feel free to pull open its eight drawers of information – there will be more on the writing of mysteries, and indeed, on the mystery of writing.

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  1. FabienneT says:

    I have read the contents of the “On Writing” drawer. I loved it, really. I have a thing about knowing about how things are made: the inpiration behind books, paintings, movies, why people have become writers/actors/painters/etc., how they work. I always watch the “making of” bits on DVDs… I think it is pure fascination with the creative process, whatever it is.
    I am looking forward to reading the rest of the website this weekend!

    If someone tells me they are a writer, I instantly admire them. For me, it is the best “profession” ever.

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