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Soundtracking 3: Remixed

Pogo, the Perth remixer, was around when I first started this site. I remember stumbling across his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ remix (still on this site somewhere, maybe in the hall cupboard or under a sofa cushion) and being utterly entranced. Few people who do this sort of thing manage to pull it off. For a […]

Oscar Sends A Message

And the message is ‘When times are bad, run a warm bath and fall asleep in it.’ It’s a message they regularly send out, but it was particularly pointed last night. How else to explain the flatly directed ‘The King’s Speech’ winning Best Director? The Oscars are never a very interesting or accurate barometer of […]

Black Comedy Primer 2:

Great black comedy manages to take uncomfortable subject matter and reimagine it with wit. Early black comedy tackled sexuality and race taboos. Comedies like ‘The Producers’ and ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ recognised that the best way to defuse prejudices was to confront them with laughter. The UK countered racism with a series of shows that […]

Re:View – ‘Winter’s Bone’

Of the Oscar contenders this year, I’d felt ‘The Social Network’ was the best film on offer until I saw ‘Winter’s Bone’. Not very fashionable subject matter – a poverty-stricken Missouri family – an unknown cast, an atmosphere of relentless servitude to the grim landscape. But within this setting, something genuinely haunting and memorable occurs. […]

Soundtracking 2: Orchestral

As picked up by my ever-astute commentators on the previous soundtrack post, soundtrack slowdowns are big right now. Here’s the soundtrack to ‘Jurassic Park’ slowed down a thousand times. I need to play this whenever I’m overly worked up. Now, some more soundtrack composer favourites who perfectly accompany the writing of novels. Laurie Johnson is […]

Let’s Enhance

As cliches go, this is one of the best…

How Long Before The Scumbag Steve Book?

Remember the Scumbag Steve stuff? (Come on, it was like, two whole weeks ago!). The spinoffs are gathering apace. How long before you find the book sitting at an outlet counter? Three weeks? A month? And the publishers are telling you they can’t bring out your book until NEXT YEAR? Liars!

You Made It Through The Week Again!

And you get to do it all again next week!

Life Needs A Soundtrack Under It

I can’t work without music. I’m writing some severely mad stuff today, and needed to play appropriate sounds. Usually I fall back on soundtracks, of which I have an obscenely vast collection, including many so obscure that even I can’t recall the names of the films they’re from. Certain composers are good for specific states […]

The Minefield Of Sexual Politics

You have to be so careful these days. Here follows a genuine email exchange between a friend of mine and his building contractor. From: John Goodwin Sent: 22 February 2011 14:15: To: Andy Tynan Subject: Floor & Basement Painting Andy Working through the ‘to do’ list, I’ve had a chat with Dave regarding the above. […]