Bryant & May, Rejuvenated!

Bryant and May

It was touch and go for a while, but I can now announce that Britain will have not one but two new Bryant and May novels after all.

Volumes 9 and 10 will run just as before, concurrent with US editions, and hopefully there’ll be some more terrific covers to make up the set. This is great news for me, and has made me think about all kinds of whacky new Bryant & May ideas.

Here’s ‘Commando’ artist Keith Page with Bryant & May before and after – he’s the guy I want to work with on the forthcoming Bryant & May graphic novel. And there’ll be news of the new dedicated site shortly. Expect competitions, PAs, all sorts of fun stuff this year…

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Definitely like the characterizations, although John should be a little more hollow cheeked, shouldn’t he? The young May would have been played by Cary Grant, of course.

  2. keith Page says:

    These are just the first thoughts as to what the pair might look like. All comments and suggestions welcome!

  3. J F Norris says:

    A website devoted solely to Bryant & May? With competitions? PAs? (what exactly does that stand for?) Sounds great. But please don’t go overboard like Jasper Fforde and his multiple websites. I can’t even keep up with all that anymore.

  4. admin says:

    No, just the one site. PA = Personal Appearance

  5. Porl says:


  6. Steve says:

    Arthur needs more hair fringe sticking out in all directions; he looks a bit too neat and tidy. Mr. May STILL bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Fowler.

  7. Sarah says:

    So pleased that I’m not going to have to import the next Bryant and May books! Here’s to the continuing adventures of Bryant and May!

  8. As a terminally hopeless bibliophile, I hope the GB hardcovers will have the same artist on the jacket, so as to preserve the overall look of the series. I love those covers.

  9. J. Folgard says:

    Great, great news! Love the artwork too, I hope this graphic novel idea materializes fast. Personally, it doesn’t bother me when an artist’s impression of a literary character differs from my reader’s eye -in fact, I enjoy it! I agree with Patrick about the books’covers, too. Anyway, congratulations & keep them coming!

  10. Mike Cane says:

    HOT DAMN!!! Just popped in here to catch up and this is the best news of the day!!

  11. Alan Pritt says:


    Bitter sweet about the covers though because I’ve started using a Kindle. We need posters or something.

  12. Alan Morgan says:

    Excellent news. If there’s a way on the B&M site we can submit our own sketches (purely for fun) that’d be grand. You could hum the Vision On music and point to those made out of pasta.

  13. Steve says:

    I was thinking more a spam sculpture…

  14. Dee Gomez says:

    Just caught sight of a photo at the Los Angeles Times of three Bryant & May novels propping up a mobile phone that showed a screen shot of three more Bryant & May novels. A lovely compliment I think.

    See at

  15. Red Wolf says:

    I shall now make squeaking noises of excitement. Great news!

  16. Susan says:

    Brilliant news! And, as Sarah mentioned, great to be able to avoid importing or stocking up when I visit the UK. Eagerly awaiting the website and hope (please, please) more B&M novels are to come: they are my favorite series.

  17. Anne Fernie says:

    A GRAPHIC NOVEL – Jowzer! Dunno about the ‘present day John’ – has the seedy/louche look of an Aintree tic-tac merchant than the trim figure I visualise when reading the stories…..

  18. BangBang!! says:

    This has made my day – fantastic news.

  19. paul hasbrouck says:

    This American fan can’t wait!

  20. Di says:

    Another American – I’m from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Just discovered Bryant and May. Thank you for making me smile again. These two are hoots!

  21. Lisa Q says:

    Excellent news! And the drawings are just perfect!

  22. Roland Green says:

    Yay! Great news. Just began Off the Rails and just finished On the Loose – how could you do that to Janice – pure evil! Started reading the first one at end of November and read them in order although you suggested it wasn’t necessary; it was necessary for me. These are fantastic stories, great characters – never have I laughed so much about confectionery! Can’t wait for the new novels, PAs and the website. Hooray!

  23. Wayne says:

    Thank you! Not quite at the end of ‘off the rails’ but have to say the book has been great so far and the excitement of having a cross over between this and ‘on the loose’ leaves me wanting more. So i am glad you have 9 and 10 in the pipeline.

    Your drawings don’t look to me like i imagined them at all, but quite good all the same.

    Can i ask, I like the way ‘Full dark house’ moved between past and present. Seeing the young John & Arthur was great. Do you feel you could work out a plot so we could have another look at the younger men see into their past a bit more, work on a case with them in the past perhaps……

    Sorry to ramble on maybe not the place.

    What ever you write i am sure it will be just Fabulous.

  24. admin says:

    There will be new stories based in past periods of Bryant & May’s life. I’ve already written a couple, and will either turn them into a book or release them onto the peculiarcrimesunit website.

  25. Julian says:

    I a very pleased that the B&M series is to continue.I have nearly finished reading On The Loose and I am looking forward to Off The Rails.I hope that Longbright&Bimsley find some happiness in the future as they are good,kind people.

  26. Ann Yourston says:

    Whoo-hoo! Was fair missing the two old codgers. Will be sure to check out the new website – thank you!

  27. Eve E. says:

    So happy there will be more Bryant & May books. I’m a fan in the US. WHEN can we exect them to be available here??

  28. admin says:

    The next one, ‘The Memory Of Blood’, will be out in September.

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