Monthly Archives: December 2010

‘Paperboy’ Wins The Green Carnation Award 2010

Well, this has genuinely taken me by surprise! I read all the other contenders in the shortlist, ‘God Says No’ by James Hannaham, ‘Man’s World’ by Rupert Smith, ‘London Triptych’ by Jonathan Kemp and ‘Children of the Sun’ by Max Schaefer, and thought they were all terrific books in their choice of subject matter and […]

Fancy A Friday Fantasy?

If you’re a budding writer interested in horror, SF, fantasy or genre fiction in general, now’s your chance to meet authors and publishers in a friendly, attitude-free atmosphere. The British Fantasy Society regularly hold open nights where newcomers are welcome, and tomorrow night sees a new venue for the BFS at Truckles, Off Bury Place, […]

Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives: Official

Here’s a story to upset everyone at the Fox network or the Daily Mail. It seems there’s now scientific proof that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives. A study by Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, published in Social Science Quarterly in March, showed that young adults who identified themselves as “very liberal” had an average IQ of […]