Bring This Exhibition To The Tate

Film, London, The Arts

‘Mapping The Studio’ at the Palazzo Grassi is one of the most fascinating modern art exhibitions I’ve seen since ‘Sensation’ was at the Saatchi Gallery. If exhibitions can be judged by the state of mind in which they leave you after you exit, this one succeeds. It features world artists largely exploring states of modern anxiety. One room consists of people falling, starting with a painting of the Twin Towers’ falling man, and is like being trapped in an uncomfortable dream. The exhibition also features eye-popping work from Takashi Murakami.

The vast central floor (this rather washed-out photo shows a tiny corner) has eye-searing, pulsing Vegas colours and music while the wall features hundreds of stars who have played Nazis. It would look sensational at the Tate Modern on an even bigger scale.