Perhaps We Should Make All MPs Do This


Barking Tory (I mean her mental state, not the borough) Ann Widdecombe’s appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or whatever it’s called is probably the most inept and shameful thing a politician has ever done in public.

And here I’m including David ‘Minger’ Mellor’s affair with Antonia De Sanchez, who described his lovemaking technique as ‘like having a wardrobe fall on top of you with the key sticking out of it’.

I thought the basic tenet of SCD was to display the timeless elegance of terpsichore, not having to drag about a sack of potatoes dressed like a circus clown.

One comment on “Perhaps We Should Make All MPs Do This”

  1. Anne Fernie says:

    I think the ‘wardrobe/key’ quip was made originally by an ex-girlfriend of the portly Tory MP Nicholas Soames many years ago. Still, it’s a good ‘un…….

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