The 12 London Nights Of Christmas

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The problem at this time of the year is how to survive London’s social scene without flagging. The Happiness Project London lists 99 awesome things about the capital here, Time Out lists another 100 this week and these lists aren’t remotely exhaustive, so you have to ration yourself.

One trick is to make Saturday night your big night off for a home-cooked meal and a DVD, but often that fine plan vanishes. It’s complicated by the fact that I have to do shedloads of work this week, so here’s anther more radical way of culling your social events – limit yourself to 12 nights only for celebrating Christmas.

This year I’m trying to do that, and my list includes;

1. Cheap tickets for the acclaimed ‘Hamlet’ at the National.
2. ‘Unstoppable’ for a big dumb blockbuster movie.
3. One ice rink session with friends.
4. Secret Santa in a cool Soho pub or bar.
5. Carol singing session around the giant Norwegian tree at Trafalgar Square.
6. Late night shop-swoop Oxford Street (get it all done in one go).
7. European Masterpieces at the Royal Academy.
8. Embankment Christmas market walk.
9. Shunt Christmas cocktail night (tenner a head).
10. Alternative Christmas Pop-up Restaurant Dinner with friends.
11. Drinks with writers in the Phoenix Artists Club (Christmas music overload!)
12. A big Christmas panto (I threaten to do this every year and it never happens.)

Well, that’s the plan – let’s see how long it lasts before everything falls apart!

2 comments on “The 12 London Nights Of Christmas”

  1. First of all thank you very much to the kind mention to my blog 🙂 And I love your list. At this time of year it always feels good to hibernate but there’s sooo much on offer in London and it does make you feel wholesome and warm and Christmassy.

    Dig your choices mucho – I’ve heard great things about Hamlet and I love Shunt. Although I did ice skating last year at the NHM and although fun for the first 3 circles of the rink, it then got a bit dull… I would maybe add to do a Christmas market / gluwein fest at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and down the South Bank, and see a carol concert – the St Martins in the Fields church does lots.

    Anyway I will have a proper read of your blog now, thanks for the link again! Sasha

  2. Steve says:

    Gawd bless us, every one!

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