Fancy A Friday Fantasy?

London, Reading & Writing

If you’re a budding writer interested in horror, SF, fantasy or genre fiction in general, now’s your chance to meet authors and publishers in a friendly, attitude-free atmosphere. The British Fantasy Society regularly hold open nights where newcomers are welcome, and tomorrow night sees a new venue for the BFS at Truckles, Off Bury Place, Bloomsbury, WC1A 2JR.

There’s always a good turnout, and it’s a place where real deals get struck – you needn’t feel shy, as the BFS is famed for its inclusive friendliness. Hopefully I’ll be ducking out of the play long enough to pop in for a quick drink. Hope to see you there.

2 comments on “Fancy A Friday Fantasy?”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Yet another fabulous logo.

  2. J. Folgard says:

    The BFS’s shortlist is something I always look up to when the awards season opens. I’ve always found something interesting to discover within, so I hope it continues to thrive.

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