Tube Pranks


Pool party on the Circle Line!

A romantic dinner for ten complete with table linen, candlesticks and a wine waiter on the Central Line!

Twenty pink rubber nurses at King’s Cross!

It all happens on the London Underground when you least expect it.

Even with all those CCTV cameras, on certain evenings there’s an air of indulgent naughtiness below the streets that’s tolerated if not officially allowed. May the japery long continue.

I’ve just done an interview with Annie Mole about the secrets of the London Underground, here on her excellent blog, to publicise ‘End Of The Line’ – the tube terror anthology.

One comment on “Tube Pranks”

  1. Vickie Farrar says:

    Much to my astonishment (and delight), “End of the Line” was simultaneously released in the U.K. & the U.S., so I did not have to: (1) pay high UK-to-US shipping fees; or (2) Wait approximately six months for a US release. If only “The Sounds of Crime” had been released in the same multi-continent manner….

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